Caring companion who 'you couldn't do without' to be honoured

Leonie Matthews with caring companion Ely Hero Award

Leonie Matthews was crowned with the 'caring companion' award at Ely Heroes in 2021. - Credit: Ely Hero Awards

If there is someone that you could not live without, the ‘caring companion’ Ely Hero award might be best suited to them. 

This award, one of 10 categories to choose from at this year’s Ely Hero Awards, describes the person that judges believe are “often Ely’s unsung heroes. 

“The care they give is incredible and you certainly couldn’t do without them.” 

From a care home worker to your child, nominees are said to have “made a real impact on the quality of life of an individual”, especially if you’re feeling ill. 

Judges add that “this person could aid in a day care situation, offer a community-based care service.” 

Those nominated for the award could follow in the footsteps of Leonie Matthews, who was crowned caring companion at the 2021 Ely Heroes. 

Leonie won the accolade as she “worked flat out 12-hour shifts during Covid and has not taken any time off”.  

An afternoon tea voucher for two at Poets House, Ely can also be won for those who nominate someone else for this year’s Ely Hero Awards.  

Those yet to nominate have until Friday, July 15 to do so in order to be included in a prize draw. 

Nominations close on July 31 - to nominate, visit: