Go on George! Fundraiser, 86, closes in on million steps goal

Ex-Soham councillor George Ginn closes in on a million steps

George Ginn (pictured) said he is "way ahead of schedule" as he aims to reach one million steps inside 100 days for the Arthur Rank Hospice Charity. - Credit: Arthur Rank Hospice Charity/George Ginn

An 86-year-old man who is walking 100 million steps in 100 days said he is already “way ahead of schedule” as he continues to smash his charity challenge. 

George Ginn of Soham has already completed over 793,000 steps inside 65 days by walking around five miles a day for the Arthur Rank Hospice Charity. 

“I usually walk a five-mile route and when I get home, if I do something in the garden or walk to the shop, that’s put another 3,000 steps on the stepper,” he said. 

George, a former Soham town councillor, has been keeping track of his progress since starting the challenge in January thanks to a wristband stepper he received from his daughter. 

On his daily walks between Soham and nearby Fordham, he can be seen by runners, cyclists and bus drivers, and has even been a recipient of generosity himself. 

“There was one person and he must have walked from Fordham to Soham, in reverse to me,” George said.  

“I had writing on my reflective yellow coat saying what I was doing and he must have noticed.  

“Then one day, I was coming towards the bridge to Fordham and he had a £10 note in his hand and handed it to me.” 

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Former council colleagues and friends from his local Methodist Church have also issued their support to George over the last two months. 

There have been difficult times since he started the challenge on January 11, but not hard enough to stop George achieving his goal. 

“There are times on the walk there’s only one pavement on one side of the road, so sometimes you have to make a decision on stepping out into the road,” he said. 

“There were a couple of days where there was snow and was worried about slipping over, but the weather has been pretty good, although it has been windy recently.” 

The ex-RAF serviceman has already smashed his initial fundraising target to raise over £530, and is well on his way to reaching the one-million mark by April 20, when he is due to finish. 

But even if George does achieve one million steps before the deadline, he is determined to carry on. 

“I will get to one million probably a few days before the 100 days is up, but I shall be plodding on, and even if I got more, I think that will be a good result,” he said. 

To donate, go to: https://arhc.enthuse.com/pf/george-ginn.