Inclusivity at the heart of Dr Pip's goals ahead of Ely by-election

Dr Pip Gardner standing in Ely West by-election

This is Dr Pip Gardner's first involvement in local government as they look to win the Ely West by-election. - Credit: Dr Pip Gardner

If Dr Pip Gardner was able to help Ely become an even more inclusive place to be, one of their main aims as an elected councillor would be achieved. 

“My previous policy work has focused on gender equality, education and sustainable development,” said Dr Pip.  

“Now I want to apply what I have learnt from community leaders around the world much more locally.” 

Dr Pip is one of two candidates standing in the Ely West by-election for a seat on City of Ely Council

The 31-year-old, who moved to Ely in 2020, is chief executive of The Kite Trust which runs support services for LGBTQ+ young people across Cambridgeshire. 

Since moving to Ely, Dr Pip was “struck by how much I was welcomed by neighbours. 

“During the pandemic, I’ve seen up close the impact it has had on children and young people in particular.  

“I want to make sure we’re doing our best to support them and their family’s wellbeing.” 

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After studying at the University of Sheffield, Dr Pip has since completed a term as a member of UN Women’s Generation Equality Youth Task Force, which represents young people to help achieve gender equality. 

They also volunteered with youth and community organisations such as Woodcraft Folk, which aims to achieve equality and co-operation for children and young people. 

“We have some great events and initiatives that bring folks together in the city on a regular basis and I believe that as a councillor I can help create the infrastructure to make those more inclusive,” they said. 

Prioritising green space and climate change in Ely are other targets Dr Pip wants to achieve, as well as making all public space accessible including gender-neutral facilities. 

If Dr Pip, who is standing as a councillor for the first time, wins the Ely West by-election on June 9 they will represent the Green Party. 

They added: “Sustainability is key for me as well, as we are already seeing the impacts of climate change in Cambridgeshire.  

“Through being a councillor I want to make sure that’s at the forefront of decision-making. 

“I’ve also been inspired by the many ways folks have stepped up and supported neighbours and I want to do my bit to keep that spirit going.”