What does the fox say?! An EXCLUSIVE interview with the world’s most famous fox.... Basil Brush. Boom Boom!

Basil Brush

Basil Brush - Credit: Archant

Basil Brush is an institution in children’s – and adults’ comedy.


One of, if not the, most loved animals on TV, he has been in showbusiness for over 50 years now. But the world’s most famous fox isn’t showing any signs of slowing down just yet - despite being over 1,000-years-old (in fox years, of course).

Later this month he’ll be bringing his all new ‘Full On Fox Tour’, which he describes as “a four dimensional pilgrimage of laughter for all the family”, to the King’s Lynn Corn Exchange.

After being re-schooled that foxes are nocturnal and usually wouldn’t be awake at two in the afternoon; “apart from when I know I’ve got interviews with such important people like your good self”, Basil reveals that it’s the middle of the night for him so he’s not actually been up long.

“I’m very good actually,” he begins jovially. “I’m just watching ‘Deal or No Deal’ waiting for your call, how exciting!” Trying to ask serious questions of Basil proves rather difficult, as he fills our chat with quick-witted jokes and, of course, a frequent “Ha Ha! Boom Boom!”

So what does a day in the life of Basil Brush consist of? I ask. “It depends largely on if I’ve got a show. If I do then it’s get up early, make my way to the show, do the show to rapturous applause, meet and greet with the boys and girls and then afterwards travel on to the next show.

“But when I have a day off, I sleep a lot and have a natural Jacuzzi. Have you ever had one of those?” he asks, more than willing to instruct me on the concept. “You pour water into a bath with a can of baked beans and then let nature take its course…

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“I also like to watch a lot of quiz shows. I was on ‘Pointless’ just the other day and I’ve previously won ‘The Weakest Link’ so I love all of that.” Obviously, his own ‘Basil Brush Show’ is listed amongst the television shows he loves watching. “I’m on YouTube now because I’m no longer on BBC”, he reveals, “I’ve just made 32 new sketches which are up online so I love watching them time and time again.”

One might also wonder what kind of music Mr Brush listens to. “I like epic, grandiose music, like that on ‘The Hobbit’, ‘Doctor Who’ or ‘Harry Potter’. “And then of course any song that’s got a fox in it,” he begins, listing a number of tracks, “Fox on the Run by Sweet and What Does the Fox Say? by Ylvis”

After all these years, Basil has remained a national treasure. Why? “You don’t have to reinvent the wheel,” he responds simply. “Boys and girls love silly jokes, because in a way they’ve just started understanding languages for the first time. They also love when you fall on your bottom and watching people get cream pies in the face.”

When they come to the show, he adds, “they’ll have got away from homework and off of their iPad’s, for a little while, and their imagination just runs riot. Of course there are lots of innuendos as well so the adults love it just as much.”

And it’s not just the audience that worship Basil. Having appeared onstage with the likes of Abba and Lulu back in the 70s, he says, “I’ve just had one long fabulous journey in showbiz. I’ve never done a day’s work in my life. I don’t see what I do as work, it’s a hobby.

“I’m not one of these one-hit-wonders on a reality show that you never hear again,” he adds, momentarily reflecting on his illustrious career. “I’ve been around for quite some years and I’m rather proud of that…”

Basil Brush will bring ‘The Full On Fox Tour’ to the King’s Lynn Corn Exchange on Wednesday October 28 for two shows, one at 11am and another at 2.30pm. For tickets; £10-15, call the box office on 01553 764864.