Still time to enjoy floodlit swan feeds at Welney

Swan feeding at Welney

Swan feeding at Welney - Credit: Archant

Thousands of swans have arrived at Welney Wetlands Centre to spend the winter on the Ouse Washes – and there is still time to take part in the unique series of flood-lit feeds.

Bewick’s swans will fly 2,500 miles from Arctic Russia, while whooper swans will fly in after travelling 1,200 miles from Iceland.

Each year, up to 3,000 Bewick’s swans and 6,000 whooper swans arrive in East Anglia to spend the winter months on the wetlands of the Ouse washes, making it the most important wintering area for these swans in north west Europe.

Steve Wiltshire, warden for WWT Welney Wetland Centre, said: “These birds travel incredible distances to escape the colder winters of the northern regions to take refuge within the UK. When conditions are just right, it can be like Heathrow airport on the main lagoon with swans gliding down on to the water.”

Visitors can learn more about the birds, and watch from a heated hide as they are fed, at the wildfowl centre, from Thursday to Sunday, at 6.30pm, until February 28.

The event includes a commentary as the birds are fed and a 30-minute talk. For more information, contact the centre on 01353 860711.