Spectacular Snowdrop Festival heralds arrival of spring at Anglesey Abbey

Snowdrop Valley at Anglesey Abbey

Snowdrop Valley at Anglesey Abbey - Credit: ©NTPL/Nick Meers

THE gardens of Anglesey Abbey have been transformed into a sea of white, as thousands of delicate snowdrops defy the arctic temperatures to herald the arrival of spring.

The National Trust property near Burwell has one of the finest snowdrop collection’s in the country, with over 240 varieties of the delicate white flower, including 20 varieties that have been discovered on site.

Snowdrops are often seen growing in religious or monastic sites because their flowering coincides with the Feast of Candlemas and Purification each February. Their true origin can be traced across the world to Southern Russia, Turkey and Southern Europe. It is widely believed that the first great plant hunters, the Elizabethans, introduced them to this country.

Anglesey Abbey’s snowdrop festival runs until March 3. Visitors wishing to learn more about snowdrops, can join Anglesey Abbey gardener’s on their snowdrop tours at 2pm on weekdays throughout the festival. A limited number of spaces can be pre-booked by calling the visitor centre on 01223 810086, with the remaining spaces available on a first come first served basis on the day.