Short film festival at Babylon Gallery in Ely

A new short film festival comes to the Babylon Arts in Ely next week. One of the films that will be

A new short film festival comes to the Babylon Arts in Ely next week. One of the films that will be shown is Exit Stategy. Picture: CAROLINE CRAWLEY. - Credit: Archant

A new short film festival comes to the Babylon Arts in Ely next week.

A new short film festival comes to the Babylon Arts in Ely next week. One of the films that will be

A new short film festival comes to the Babylon Arts in Ely next week. One of the films that will be shown is ASAD. Picture: CAROLINE CRAWLEY. - Credit: Archant

A new short film festival comes to the Babylon Arts in Ely next week.

The Babylon Shorts Film Festival brings a taste of international short films to the city from Wednesday March 20 to Friday March 22.

Many of the films are award winners and even Oscar nominated, bringing a high-quality and varied selection to the launch event of Babylon Shorts.

Each evening’s film programme brings together a range of styles and content from drama to animation, comedy and more.

Over a dozen countries will be represented from as far as Ethiopia, Singapore and South Korea to those from closer to home like the Netherlands, Sweden and America.

Doors open at 7pm, with films starting from 7.30pm.

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To book tickets, which cost £5 per evening or £12 for a festival pass for all three nights, visit or call the box office on 01353 616991.

Wednesday 20 March 100 minutes

Sounds of Nature Sweden 8.00

Ten-year old Finn takes a walk into the woods with his parents, paying more attention to his Game Boy, upsetting his father who takes it away. Suddenly, a strange noise catches the boy‘s attention. His mystical journey begins.

Crossing Salween Irl 21.00

A young girl must make the journey through the horrors of the Burmese jungle to the Salween River and the safety of Thailand beyond. But will her late father’s enduring love and promise of a guardian angel be enough to shepherd her across the river where so many have fallen.

Panic! Neth 6.00

While driving her car Marja has a sudden rush of panic: did she turn off the gas? Did she leave the water running? Is the window locked? In her mind her imaginary mistakes grow to absurd proportions.

Shift / Vahetus Germany 15.00

When Miina, a seemingly well-off woman is caught shoplifting, the female officer shows off her contempt. She sees a rival in the shoplifter and decides to teach Miina a lesson. Both women meet just a few hours later in a situation where the previous rivals become partners in crime and must trust their fates in the hands of each other.

Brooklyn Breeze USA 4.00

Brooklyn Breeze is a visual journey through different parts of Brooklyn, some of the iconic spots and others not often seen by the visitors, based on a tune recorded by New York based Michael Arenella and his Dreamland Orchestra.

Earthy Encounters UK 15.00

Fifteen-year-old Kyle believes he can save his dying older brother with a plant he found in the garden center where he works—the problem is, a shadowy government agency is out to destroy it first.

D-24 Korea 7.00

In the year 2072, Gusik is a single, lonely man. He sees a commercial for D-24, an android wife, and makes a purchase thinking that D-24 can save his life. 24 days after his order, he finally gets D-24 in his hands but can you really buy happiness?

Let them Die Like Lovers USA 15.00

A body-jumping soldier grapples with the morality of her missions in this emotionally charged sci-fi thriller.

Shanghai Love Market USA / China 9.00

Shanghai has a park where parents can match-make their unwed children. This is just one love story in a city of 20 milliion people.

Thursday 21 March 100 minutes

ASAD South Africa 18.00

A coming of age fable of a Somali boy as he struggles to survive in his war-torn land.

Out of Erasers SWE 14.00

A woman on her way home becomes a victim of a strange infection. She soon realizes that an epidemic is spreading and there are larger forces at work. While struggling to find a cure she also discovers that desperate times require hard choices.

Moth UK 12.00

Tommy, an unhappy seven year old boy still grieving the death of his father, whilst battling with his new stepfather. When a moth dies in the palm of his hand he is fascinated by the residue left behind - “magic dust, that helps the moths to fly” his mother tells him.

Mend and Make Do UK 9.00

Cup of tea? Come and take a seat in Lyn’s cosy front room, hear her story of wartime love and watch as her belongings come alive with the hope, fear and humour of one spirited lady.

I Strongly Suggest NZ 6.00

A woman gets her partner into a vulnerable position, then uses the opportunity to ask him a few tricky questions.

Carry On China / USA 17.00

During the brutal withdrawal of Japanese forces at the end of WWII, a Chinese father does whatever he can to save his family.

Day 39 USA 14.00

A young soldier in Afghanistan has to assist a doctor with a moral dilemma, a matter of new life or death.

Casitas / Grown Ups Spain 10.00

Carlos and Marta, both 35 years old, are living the life they have always dreamed of. A house with a yard, a dog, and they are even about to have a child. But there is no such thing as a perfect life.

Friday 22 March 97 minutes

Zombiehagen Denmark 24 .00

The living dead have laid waste to Copenhagen. A lone survivor, searching for her loved one, is led to the national football stadium, where a shelter for survivors has been organized. Unfortunately, the shelter has become infected from the inside by the “walkers”.

One Rat Short USA 10.00

A rat fights for survival in the New York City subway.

Drone USA 14.00

A rookie drone pilot becomes increasingly attracted to the target he watches halfway around the world.

Late Afternoon Irl 9.00

Emily lives between two states, the past and the present. She journeys through her memories searching for a connection

Exit Strategy USA 15.00

Two brothers caught in a time loop must traverse a series of maze-like events in order to prevent a catastrophic fire from taking occurring

Cappuccino UK 3.00

Taking centre stage with a speech impediment can be a harrowing ordeal, as is explored in Cappuccino

The Goodnight Show USA 16.00

It’s 1978 and a world ending asteroid is headed directly for Earth. With only hours left, Samuel embarks on a journey to find his place in a world doomed to end and just maybe, lose his virginity before it is too late.

Setting Them Straight Aus 6.00

Having been nurtured and accepted by his parents as a gay man, Joshua finds the courage to confess, that he’s actually not.