Roy Wood Rock & Roll Band to perform at Apex Theatre in Bury St Edmunds

Roy Wood Rock & Roll Band

Roy Wood Rock & Roll Band - Credit: Archant

Roy Wood Rock & Roll Band will perform in Bury St Edmunds this month.

The concert, which is part of his Red E 2 Rock tour, comes to the Apex Theatre on Tuesday December 19.

What better way to celebrate the holiday season, than with a man who has helped shape our musical Christmas...

Recently inducted into the ‘Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame’ in New York, Roy is now known across the world as a founder of The Move, ELO, and Wizzard.

This is a rock-packed evening, featuring Roy with his Big Rock & Roll Band, performing classic hits ‘California Man’, ‘Flowers In The Rain’, ‘Fire Brigade’ and many more.

Roy and his band have been playing sell out venues around the country, in what has become an annual British Christmas tradition, and promises to be a great rockin’ evening.

Starts 8pm. Tickets via