REVIEW: Marina and the Diamonds’ opening show of UK Neon Nature tour is a career best

Marina and the Diamonds

Marina and the Diamonds - Credit: Archant

Part Kate Bush, with her eccentric stage presence and flowing outfit choices; a hint of Lana Del Rey’s melodramatic storytelling and a good dose of Charli XCX emoji inducing pop hits, Marina and the Diamonds live show is never dull.

Cleverly split into three acts - one for each of her albums - the Welsh singer’s Neon Nature Tour places crowd-pleasing at its heart.

The opening third, focusing on her debut ‘The Family Jewels’, takes the packed crowd right back to where her career began and the excitement/nervousness about her upcoming fame.

Quirky pop hits like ‘I Am Not A Robot’ almost seems like a precursor to fka Twigs’ trip-hop sound, while ‘Hollywood’ comes with emoji covered background visuals and sounds as if it could have been released yesterday.

For Obsessions, Marina sits at a piano, showcasing her emotive vocals before transitioning to second album material from ‘Electra Heart’.

Reappearing in a nude-coloured outfit, she bounces around for catchy pop hit ‘Bubblegum Bitch’ before everyone empties their lungs during ‘How to be a Heartbreaker’.

The final act, centred on her latest album ‘Froot’, evolves around Marina learning to be happy within herself.

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Boosted by a show-stopping sparkling blue ensemble with matching headdress, ‘Im A Ruin’ sees her glide across the stage a la ‘Wuthering Heights’ while ‘Immortal’ puts Marina in Lana Del Rey mode.

Marina’s fanbase are as loyal as any other major popstars – they dress like her and patiently wait outside after the powerful show.

More than worth the wait, Marina Diamandis delivered a highly promising opening show.