Terry Ward to host ‘Communication Breakdown’ exhibition in (probably) the world’s smallest art gallery


Local photographer and author Terry Ward is holding an exhibition in Prickwillow.

His art is on show at the Phonebox Gallery – probably the smallest art gallery in the world, he jokes – the display, called ‘Communication Breakdown’, is free to view from September 2-29.

Terry, who exhibits his work nationally, said: “It looks at the gradual erosion of our community networks of communication such as classic phone boxes, post boxes and bus stops.

“I focus on documenting these objects and focussing on their current and future uses.

“What better venue to stage this small photographic show then at the phonebox gallery? Probably the smallest art gallery in the world.”

Visit www.twardpw.co.uk for more information or search Terry Ward on Facebook or @Dragsterlam on Twitter.