Why this Mexican restaurant will leave you with 'smile on your face'

Food at El Guaca off A10 at Ely

El Guaca in Ely boasted a wide-ranging menu which left us leaving with a smile. - Credit: Daniel Mason/Imogen Goult

One staff member told me that El Guaca in Ely has been busy every day since it opened just two weeks ago. 

From our experience, it is no surprise that the Mexican restaurant is already doing well. 

My fiancée and I were warmly greeted on arrival at the restaurant, which opened on July 7 on the Ely Leisure Village off Downham Road. 

Almost immediately we were directed to our table on Thursday, July 21, situated amongst a mix of couples, friends and families as the ambience intensified. 

El Guaca on Ely Leisure Village off A10

El Guaca opened on the Ely Leisure Village off Downham Road earlier in July, which one staff member said has been busy every day since its launch. - Credit: Daniel Mason

Mexican-themed music made you feel like you were transported to Central America, while the décor included native artwork across the walls. 

But after a swift drinks order, the time efficiency during waiting times was something that would follow throughout the meal. 

We opted for a starter of two large southwest spring rolls to share, consisting of chipotle Mexican chicken with peppers and jack cheese in a deep-fried tortilla. 

Southwest spring rolls at El Guaca Ely

Southwest spring rolls to share for starters was plenty ahead of an excellent main course. - Credit: Daniel Mason

Topped with guacamole, the dish was a plentiful amount to manage and at £7, it provided a glimpse of the intense spice that was to come. 

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At first, I struggled to decide a main course amid a wide-ranging menu, but I followed the chipotle theme of having an enchilada filled with spicy chicken accompanied with seasoned fries. 

The portion size at £13.50 may look small, but on top of melted jack cheese, poblano chilli peppers and a bed of Mexican rice, the hot flavours were quickly filling my appetite. 

Enchilada at El Guaca in Ely

An enchilada filled with chipotle spicy chicken on a bed of Mexican rice was deceptively filling but rich in spice. - Credit: Daniel Mason

A half-pint of Mahou Spanish premium lager, costing £3.30, was a refreshing tonic to a satisfyingly spicy course. 

My fiancée chose the sizzling fajita filled with tender duck breast slices, one of several fillings to choose from alongside sautéed peppers, sour cream amongst other sauces priced at £18. 

Duck breast fajita at El Guaca Ely

One of the main course options was a sizzling fajita with duck breast filling, one of several to choose from. - Credit: Imogen Goult

Duck breast sizzling fajita at El Guaca Ely

A side of seasoned fries accompanied the main courses, including a duck breast sizzling fajita. - Credit: Daniel Mason

After lengthy consideration, we both opted for a dessert in the form of bunuelos, which are fried dough balls mixed with cinnamon sugar, dulce de leche and chocolate fudge sauce, at £6. 

Each dough ball was not too thick in texture, and with added sweetness, this was a near-perfect way to round off a fulfilling evening. 

Bunuelos at El Guaca in Ely

Bunuelos for dessert, consisting of fried dough balls dusted with cinnamon sugar, topped off the main course. - Credit: Daniel Mason

Staff were efficient, friendly and jovial, with some colleagues even performing a short dance with one another. 

This, alongside the high quality of food and service, assures that if you visit El Guaca, you will struggle to leave without a smile on your face. 

RATING: **** out of 5 

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