Cambridge artist and printmaker Paul Hawdon brings ‘Traces of Memory’ etchings exhibition to Babylon Gallery, Waterside, Ely

'Traces of Memory' - etchings by Paul Hawdon

'Traces of Memory' - etchings by Paul Hawdon - Credit: Archant

‘Traces of Memory’, an exhibition by Cambridge-based artist and printmaker Paul Hawdon, is at the Babylon Gallery until Sunday (May 8).

Paul Hawdon's etchings

Paul Hawdon's etchings - Credit: Archant

Showcasing a small retrospective of etchings and other work made over the past 25 years, Paul’s work moves between large symbolic etchings to smaller, intimate studies of landscape, architecture and the life figure.

Paul, who has won a number of prizes, mainly exhibits his work in exhibitions in London.

The exhibition, which is open from midday until 4pm each day at Babylon Gallery, Waterside, CB7 4AU, is free to enter.

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