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Open Farm Sunday at Hainey Farm, in Barway.

Open Farm Sunday at Hainey Farm, in Barway. - Credit: © Keith Mindham Photography

Dozens of farms across Cambridgeshire will be opening their gates once again this year for the 10th annual Open Farm Sunday.

The event organised by Linking Environment And Farming, offers a chance for the public to find out more about where their food comes from, talk to the farmers who produce it and get up close and personal with the countryside.

This year’s event takes place on Sunday, June 7.

In Cambridgeshire, you will be able to visit Hainey Farm, in Barway, South Angle Farm Park and Triangle Farm, in Soham, the College of West Anglia, in Milton, Burwash Manor, in Barton, and Redmoor Fruit Farm, in Wisbech, among others.

A spokesman for Open Farm Sunday said: “Come and meet the farmers who grow the wheat and oats that go into our breakfast cereals and bread and look after the cattle and hens that produce our milk and eggs.

“Talk to them about how they rear the meat that goes into our Sunday roasts and sausages and see first hand how our fruit and vegetables are grown.”