Yuth Ftball Rund Up

YOUTH FOOTBALL Under-7s Littleprt 4 Ely Crusaders 4 LITTLEPORT and Ely fught ut a draw in a game dminated by the strng wind, which made cnditins testing. This was the secnd meeting invlving Ely Crusaders and Littleprt and frm the Crusaders view



Littleprt 4 Ely Crusaders 4

LITTLEPORT and Ely fught ut a draw in a game dminated by the strng wind, which made cnditins testing. This was the secnd meeting invlving Ely Crusaders and Littleprt and frm the Crusaders viewpint, a substantial imprvement frm the previus game. Littleprt tk a 3-0 advantage thanks t Finn Cater (2) and Ellis Yearn (1), but were quickly pegged back t 3-3 n the turn f ends. An wn gal direct frm a crner saw Littleprt take the lead but sme pr defending allwed Ely t level again. Ellis Yearn, Finn Cater and Luis Diver were the pick f the Prt players. The tw players that shne n the day fr Ely were keepers, Je Deas and Ed Scarbrugh wh were rewarded Ely's Men f the Match.

Mepal Sprts 5 Stretham 0

THE acquisitin f a new spnsr and new kit put additinal spirit int a Mepal side that clcked up its first win f the year against Stretham. Bth teams shwed ptential fr greater things t cme. Player f the match fr Mepal was Ben Tpping.

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Witchfrd Clts 9 Mepal Sprts 2

WITCHFORD returned t winning ways after last week's heavy defeat at Ely. Mepal surprised the hsts by taking the lead befre gals frm Jrdan Emms and Max Lker put Witchfrd ahead, althugh Mepal equalised right at the end f the first quarter.

Witchfrd tk cntrl during the secnd perid as Finlay Peters scred tw fine gals. Emms gt his secnd direct frm a crner and Lker cmpleted his hat-trick.

In the third quarter further gals frm Bradley Nichlas and Henry Green cmpleted the scring.

Witchfrd: Henry Green, Jrdan Emms, Patrick Ryan, Jack Sheridan. Max Lker, Tby Rwsell, Finlay Peters, Bradley Nichlas.


Mepal Sprts 6 Witchfrd 1

MEPAL Sprts turned in a seasn's best perfrmance in a fine victry ver neighburs Witchfrd. Playing with the wind, Mepal grabbed an early tw gal advantage with strikes frm Gerge Rayner and Serif Balde. Mepal's defence dealt superbly with Witchfrd's attacking threat - James Knx, Je Je Crlit, Shane Whatley and Rayner ensuring a shut-ut until the clsing secnds f the game. Mepal's slick passing resulted in further strikes fr Rayner, Jacb Waters and Kassem Silvain wh scred twice. Cmpleting Mepal's line up were Daniel Oakland and Harrisn Jnes.

Mepal Sprts: Kassem Silvain,Harrisn Jnes,Gerge Rayner,Serif Balde,Je Je Crlit,Jacb Waters, Daniel Oakland, Harrisn Jnes, Shane Whatley.

Ely Crusaders 6 Isleham 3

CRUSADERS pened the scring thrugh Lewis Hk, fllwed by Gerge Leech's lping drive. With Isleham next n the scresheet, anther gal fr Hk gave Ely a 3-1 half-time lead.

The secnd perid started well fr Ely when Alex Brwn scred. Then Isleham scred an wn gal and Jake Butler increased Crusaders' advantage t 6-1. Tw late Isleham gals gave the screline a mre respectable appearance but Crusaders never lked like lsing.

Crusaders: J Barrett, A Brwn, J Butler, S Feltn, E Frdsham, T Funnell, L Hk , E Jeckells, G Leech, J Marstn, S Scarbrugh (MM), J Spittles.


Witchfrd 1 St Ives 4

THE utcme f this game was decided within the first few minutes when St Ives scred. They put tw mre gals away in the first half withut reply. After the half time team talk Witchfrd regruped and came back strnger. St Ives scred anther gal befre Gergia Day fired ne int the tp crner fr Wtichfrd.

Girl f the Game was shared by Megan Hlden in gal and Hannah Dewey.

Witchfrd: Megan Hlden, Hannah Dewey, Chle Minall, Chle Myntt, Ze MacDnald, Sarah Lappin, Hllie Augustus, Rebecce Lwe, Gergia Day, Leanne Wilding, Eleanr Grace, Esme Wright.

Girtn 4 Haddenham Rvers Clts 2

HADDENHAM tk the lead n seven minutes with a Tyrell Barrett gal. Girtn equalised six minutes later but Haddenham mved back int the lead when Barrett and Jhn Falcner set up Ellit Littlefield t hit a stunning sht frm the edge f the area. A lng range Girtn effrt bunced ver the Rver's keeper and n the strke f half time they mved int a 3 - 2 lead. Girtn sealed the match 10 minutes frm time t earn a 4 - 2 victry.

Haddenham: R Padmre, F Peck, J Snks, J Bartlzzi, C Threadgld, K Drummnd, M Mrtn, A Lwe, E Littlefield, J Falcner, T Barrett.


Stretham Sprting 0 Littleprt Twn 4

PORT started well and maintained their dminance fr the whle game. They scred just befre half time thrugh Nic Bishp. The secnd half started well fr Prt when Camern James scred with a lw sht. Bishp made it three with pure determinatin t beat the defence and the galkeeper. Carl Lightft gt number fur after a flick n set him up fr a lw sht. Prt's team all played well with keeper Jsh Brwn achieving his first clean sheet.

Isleham 1 Hundn Hawks 5

ISLEHAM played hst t Hundn Hawks wh scred the nly gal f the first half.

In the secnd half, Hawks scred again but Isleham replied when Chris Martin fired hme a gd lng range sht. Hawks scred three mre gals t finish the game n 5-1. Isleham's Will Ellis had t take ver in gal during the match. He has nw played in every psitin this seasn.

Isleham Man f the Match: Aarn Cawley.


Histn Hrnets A 2 Ely Crusaders 0

A LACK lustre perfrmance by Ely saw Histn take the pints fr this match. Crusaders were missing fur regular players and their shape seemed t suffer because f this. Histn kncked the ball arund and kept the Crusaders' defence busy and it was inevitable that they wuld scre, while Ely culd nt find the back f the net.

Crusaders: Gerge Bannister, Je Daltn, Jake Hpkin, Michael F.D., Alex Minall, Lewis Buxtn, Nick Kyndt, Arthur Dickinsn, Ryan Lwe, Camern Rbb, Luke Hayes, Jacques Odell Rurke, Daniel Twinn, Daniel Jnes, Pawel Kalasa.


Bramptn Spartans 1 Sham Twn Clts 3

BOTH teams were evenly matched fr mst f the first half, until Sham brke the deadlck when Dan Driver set up Ryan Brk, making the scre 0-1 at the break.

In the secnd half, Dan Driver headed hme an Ellit Drewery crner t duble the lead. Bramptn gt back int the game when slack defending frm Sham allwed them t scre frm a crner, but Sham replied thrugh Ellit Drewery t finish the game at 3-1.

The whle team shared the Man f the Match award.

Sham: Charlie Wills, Dan Mrley, Simn Murfitt(c), Dan Sadler, Jsh Heaps, Ryan Saban, Jsh Nunn, Dan Whitwell, Ryan Brk, Dan Driver, Ellit Drewery, James Seymur, Dan Brk, Michal Rla.

Ely Crusaders A 5 Alcnbury 0

CRUSADERS initially struggled t reprduce their recent gd frm against a 10- man Alcnbury side. Sam Gdge gave Ely a 1-0 lead at half time. In the secnd half Gdge scred again and Jsh Hunt scred his first gal f the seasn. The ther Ely scrers were Dan Beavis and Justin Phillips.

Wimblingtn 3 Little Dwnham 4

LITTLE Dwnham's Nick Chalmers pened the scring and team mate Ypeng Cheng frced the ball hme frm clse range fr a 2-0 lead. Camern Walker, Tm Edgley, Gerge Pwell , Chris Smith and Cdie Cuzens battled hard as Wimblingtn lked t get back int the game. They eventually scred just befre half time t reduce the arrears.

Wimblingtn came ut all guns blazing secnd half. Tristan Hall pulled ff a string f fine saves befre Wimblingtn cnverted a penalty fr 2-2. Jack Tth then cracked hme a third fr Dwnham which was quickly fllwed by furth frm an wn gal t make it 4-2. Wimblingtn scred again fr 4-3 but culd nt clse fr the draw. Man f the Match: Alex Newtn.


Ely Crusaders 6 Burwell Tigers 1

THE play was fast paced in the first half and Ely's Jhn Bartlett scred the first gal frm a penalty. Just befre the break Kurt Farr scred Ely's secnd.

Seven minutes int the secnd half Burwell scred their nly gal. In reply, Crusaders' Phil Cwlan scred Ely's third f the game. Burwell kept up the pressure but were unable t scre as Cwlan added three mre t his ttal.