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JUNIOR FOOTBALL JOHN ABLETT CUP QUARTER FINALS BURWELL Swifts will meet Ely Crusaders fr a place in the final after bth teams wn hme ties by the dd gal n Saturday. Divisin 4B Burwell beat 3B Wisbech St Mary A t reach their secnd semi-final f



BURWELL Swifts will meet Ely Crusaders fr a place in the final after bth teams wn hme ties by the dd gal n Saturday.

Divisin 4B Burwell beat 3B Wisbech St Mary A t reach their secnd semi-final f the campaign.

Kev Driver sltted in the pener frm the penalty spt after Danny Jnes was pushed in the bx, and Jnes himself intercepted a back pass t make it 2-0.

Swifts cnceded a secnd gal just befre the break, and in the secnd half needed strng defending and fine galkeeping frm Pete Brwn t preserve their 2-1 lead.

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Crusaders meanwhile trailed twice in a clse encunter with Saffrn Rangers.

Rss Ellitt - wh scred Ely's first gal - prvided the 80th minute pass frm which Micky Warren levelled the scres in spectacular fashin, and with tw minutes remaining Luke Schunmann sealed a 3-2 win.


LITTLE Twn and Frdham bth lst despite playing well.

'Prt cnceded twice in the pening 10 minutes at hme t title-chasing Hundn, and were never able t recver despite creating a hst f chances.

Andrew Francis finally brke thrugh in the secnd half, but his side were already 3-0 dwn by that time.

"The difference was the quality f the finishing," said Twn bss Dave Cullum afterwards. "Their 'keeper was by far the busier f the tw."

Frdham travelled t Waterbeach hping t fllw up last week's sensatinal win at Hundn, but their effrts went unrewarded as they cnceded the nly gal f the game with 10 minutes remaining.

Galkeeper Jimmy Watsn - in fine frm recently - was laying prstrate at the time f the gal fllwing a cllisin, and Frdham als had late penalty appeals turned dwn after creating the better chances during the match.


SOHAM Twn Rangers Reserves lst their Chell Trphy Quarter Final 6-0 at Wrxham Reserves, and then lst grund in the Senir A prmtin race after a surprise 2-1 hme defeat by Girtn United.


THE withdrawal frm the league f Huntingdn United RGE has enabled Haddenham Rvers t mve 11 pints clear f the relegatin zne fllwing a 4-1 hme victry against Littleprt Twn Reserves.

Tm Mden and Phil Harle struck in the pening 20 minutes, but Neil Cullum pulled ne back with a twice-taken penalty after Gary Thistlethwaite's fabulus save was ruled ut by an encrachment.

Kenny Hlmes made it 3-1 frm the spt after a ful n Harle hwever, and Mden wrapped up the pints with the nly gal f the secnd half.

Sham United beat struggling Grampian 2-1 at hme in the same sectin.


ELY City A tp the table after a narrw 4-3 win against bttm-f-the-table Waterbeach Reserves.


WINGER-turned-striker Mark Higginbttm hit a fantastic hat-trick as The Vine beat secnd-placed Witchfrd '96 away frm hme.

He scred his first n the strke f half-time after receiving a pass frm new player-manager Dave Martin, and then twice capitalised n gd wrk by strike-partner Jn Cutter t cmplete his hat-trick in a 3-1 win.

Wes Hilditch, Jez Cutter and Sam Mrgan were influential in The Vine's success.

Suttn United - 42 pints clear f Lde and 118 gals better ff - duly wn the tp versus bttm encunter n Saturday.

Amandi Pint beat tw players befre curling a sht int the tp crner fr the first f his tw gals, and Matthew Keys als struck a brace n his return t actin.

Other United gals went t Russell Mansfield and Jamie Peacck in a 6-0 win.

Pymr FC wn 2-1 at Isleham United, but Stretham Htspurs crashed 4-1 at Hemingfrds United Reserves.


NEW signing 'Cabrl' made the pints safe fr Little Dwnham Swifts in their derby match at Frdham Reserves.

He made the final scre 3-1 after earlier gals frm Gareth Draper and central defender Lee Fuller, with Ian Butterwrth replying fr the hsts just befre the break.

Haddenham Rvers Reserves lst by the dd gal in five at Cttenham United A, and Sham United Reserves were beaten 4-1 at St Ives Twn A.


WICKEN Amateurs are up t secnd spt after winning 5-0 at The Vine Reserves.

Nathan Sheriff pened their accunt frm Graham Hickmtt's 21st minute pass, and Tim Palmer ndded in number tw befre Jamie Palmer prdded in Craig Rgersn's pass in the 33rd minute.

Ed Richardsn cnverted Jsh Wdrffe's pass t make the interval scre 4-0, and Jamie Palmer's perseverance paid ff fr the nly gal f the secnd perid.


LITTLE Dwnham Swifts Reserves suffered their third defeat in a rw at hme t Burwell Swifts Reserves, fr whm Tm Thatcher cntributed all the gals in a 4-1 success.



ELY Park Rangers vercame a partly-frzen pitch t reach the semi-finals f the VB Trphies League Cup at the expense f underdgs Cambridge Csms.

Kevin Hills brke the ice after the kick-ff had been delayed by 20 minutes, but the visitrs equalised and had a great chance t take the lead befre half-time.

Rangers upped the temp frm the restart hwever, and regained the lead when Brady Stne caused a mix-up in the visiting defence.

Martin Grey made it 3-1 when he diverted in an Andrew Lee vlley that was ging wide, and Jamie Linney then tapped hme Stne's crss frm clse range.

Stne and Lee cmbined fr the latter t make it 5-1, and Rangers will nw face Magpies 2001 in the last fur f the cmpetitin.

In the Quarter Finals f the Tucker Gardner Partnership League Cup, there was a 2-0 win fr Suttn Sterling at the expense f Ely Pymr Rangers.


CAMBRIDGE Magpies finished with eight men in the 10-1 defeat by Ely Park Rangers Reserves in Divisin 1A.

Ten-man Magpies lst their first player with a dislcated jaw, and anther ne strmed ff the pitch twards the end as the gal tally munted.

Wicken Maids Head wn 4-1 at Teversham in Divisin 4A and Wilburtn Albin beat Lakenheath Eagles in Divisin 3A, but there were defeats fr Fx Burwell (5-1 at hme t Quayside in the same sectin) and Village Inn (3-2 at hme t Chippenham in Divisin 2A).