World champion stops by at Witchford Village College

PUPILS at Witchford Village College got up close and personal with world BMX champion Mike Mullen recently.

The bike champion was visiting the college as part of Sky Sports’ Living for Sport campaign to get more young people involved in sport and staying active.

Mullen was 17 when he met his idol, Matt Hoffman, and went on to become a world-class BMX rider. He was the BMX world champion twice before joining Sky Sports to inspire teenagers.

Mike gave a short speech followed by a BMX session, with specially selected students from all years taking part.

After talking to the students about his life and how he became a world class BMX rider, Mike demonstrated a few stunts to the group while teaching the more confident members how to perform on a BMX bike.

Ms Bailey, who works with the students, said: “It was very eye-opening; enticing students to put in the required effort and encouraging them to try their best. It has been extremely enjoyable for both staff and students.”