Witchford pub landlord Roger competes in his reliant robin banger race at Mildenhall Stadium

Roger Broker's reliant robin.

Roger Broker's reliant robin. - Credit: Archant

The landlord of the Village Inn in Witchford swapped the pub for the race track at the weekend.

Roger Broker completed his first reliant robin banger race on Saturday at Mildenhall Stadium.

The 54-year-old had three races in total - the first ended in spectacular fashion, with a roll and a flip.

The second race finished much better. In the British Championship final, Broker finished an impressive second with a one-two-three finish for James Ellis racing team.

The final race saw Broker upside down for a considerable amount of time.

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His son, Stephen Broker, said: “Special thanks to all that supported Roger in his first outing and also James Ellis racing for making it happen and building the cars to race.

“I don’t think the other riders were best pleased that a newcomer came second and did so well in the British Championship final!”

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All videos and photos are available on the witchfordvillageinn Facebook site.

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