Witcham Judo Club celebrates wonderful first year

Witcham Judo Club members celebrate their success

Witcham Judo Club members celebrate their success - Credit: Archant

Witcham Judo Club had plenty to celebrate at their first annual awards night at the end of 2018.

Bella Rayner and Yonas Aldous with their Jigoro Kano and Spirit of Judo awards at Witcham Judo Club

Bella Rayner and Yonas Aldous with their Jigoro Kano and Spirit of Judo awards at Witcham Judo Club - Credit: Archant

Opened in January by experienced judoka and coach Stuart Aldous to provide much-needed recreation for youngsters in Witcham and surrounding villages it enjoyed a fine first year.

And in addition to individual awards, the club also presented special prizes to Sebastion Kerridge and Anna Reeves (mini judoka of the year) and Noah Pearson (most improved mini).

Matthew Hill and Daisy Simpson took the junior judoka of the year awards, with Alfie Jackson and Alyx Milburn claiming most improved junior prizes.

And Bella Rayner was presented with the Jigoro Kano award, while Yonas Aldous took the spirit of judo award.

Coach Aldous said: ““We are really proud of all our members at Witcham Judo Club and the commitment they have shown to their judo over the last year since the club opened in January.

“Judo is a fantastic form of physical exercise for young people and it has been great to watch each member’s physical ability and coordination improve steadily over the year.

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“As a traditional martial art and full contact sport judo follows a strict moral code of mutual respect, honesty, self-control, courage, friendship, courtesy, modesty and honour. All our members have adopted this code with enthusiasm and diligence and their individual confidence and attitude on the judo mats has grown alongside their physical ability.

“Over the last 12 months as well as training at the club weekly our members have put on a judo display at the local school raising funds for The Brain Tumour Charity, held a sponsored judo throw event raising funds for road safety in Witcham and trained with Ashley McKenzie an Olympic Judoka for team GB and full-time athlete!

“Every one of our members is a remarkable young person and it has been truly great to watch their development over the last twelve months. Every member was awarded at our last session of the year - to mark their individual achievements in judo throughout 2018.”

Witcham judo club currently meet on Wednesdays at Witcham Village Hall. For further information email witchamjudoclub@gmail.com.