Winning Cubs

THE Ely District Cubs Annual Fball Turnament tk place n Sunday at the Ely Sixth Frm Cllege astr-turf pitch. Cubs (aged frm eight t 10-and-a-half years) frm Ely, Witchfrd, Littleprt and Haddenham tk part, and the eventual winners were Witc

THE Ely District Cubs Annual Fball Turnament tk place n Sunday at the Ely Sixth Frm Cllege astr-turf pitch.

Cubs (aged frm eight t 10-and-a-half years) frm Ely, Witchfrd, Littleprt and Haddenham tk part, and the eventual winners were Witchfrd.

T make up the numbers and ensure everyne gt a game sme cubs jined anther team, s sme teams were mixed. The winning team was (mainly) Witchfrd Cubs, with tw extra frm Ely t help make up the numbers.


Haddenham Rvers Clts 1 Burwell Swallws 3

HADDENHAM Rvers' recent pr run f frm cntinued with defeat against a well-drilled Burwell Swallws side.

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The first quarter saw Burwell mve int a quick 2-0 lead, but Haddenham battled back with a gal frm Matt Wright.

Rvers searched fr the equaliser but were dealt a hammer blw when a speculative lng range sht fund its way in and the visitrs ended as wrthy winners.

Haddenham's Man f the Match: Jake Alsp.

Witchfrd Clts 5 Isleham United 2

AN excellent team effrt saw Witchfrd beat high flying Isleham.

Witchfrd tk the lead when Ben Lymer scred, but Isleham hit straight back and equalised befre taking the lead themselves.

Witchfrd's Ryan Pettitt restred parity hwever, and Lymer grabbed his secnd with a pwerful drive which beat the keeper at his near pst.

Jack Curtis then scred twice in quick successin t give Witchfrd a three gal cushin. The remainder f the match saw chances fr bth sides but n further gals.

Mepal Sprts 4 Sham A 4

A FINE game between Mepal Sprts and visiting Sham A. It was Sham wh made the early running, scring direct frm a crner befre Gerge Rayner equalised. Sham regained the lead, nly fr Mepal t reply thrugh Je-Je Crlit. Mepal had a 4-2 advantage entering the final perid but Sham battled n and their tw late gals ensured the draw.


Witchfrd Clts A 2 Ely Crusaders 5

BOTH teams started well, but with mst f the play in Witchfrd's half Ely struck the first gal after nine minutes.

Matthew Lades and Daniel Chapman battled up frnt fr Witchfrd, and they were supprted by Nathan Francis in defence and galkeeper Ruairidh MacDnald wh made several fine saves.

Ely missed numerus chances, but nevertheless scred tw mre gals in the first half t lead 3-0 at half time.

Witchfrd replied during secnd half with effrts frm Matthew Lades and Nathan Parker, but it wasn't enugh and Ely scred twice mre.

Max Wright finished with a hat trick fr Ely, supprted by Finley Lgan and Christpher Lewis wh scred ne each.

Witchfrd's Man f the Match: Matthew Lades.


Sham Twn Clts 1 Mildenhall 0

ANOTHER clsely fught match between these tw teams prduced a single gal. Sham quickly gt int their stride and Alistair Hutchisn was the lne screr althugh Jrdan Turpin went clse just befre half time when he hit the pst.

The secnd half saw Mildenhall push frward, but fine defending frm Travis Isaacsn, Sean Turner and Kyle Algd stpped them frm taking advantage.

Sham battled t the end t deny Mildenhall and cntinue their winning streak.


Haddenham Rvers Clts 1 Aztecs 4

HADDENHAM relinquished Divisin B's tp spt after lsing t well-rganised prmtin rivals Aztecs.

Aztecs tk the lead frm clse range n 12 minutes but the hme team were back n level terms tw minutes later when Oliver Hlden scred frm the penalty spt. Aztecs restred their lead hwever, and with Rvers nw struggling t field 11 fit players after several injuries the visitrs mved int a 3-1 lead just befre the break. Haddenham fught valiantly in the secnd half, but Aztecs struck with anther late penalty t make the final scre 4-1.


Miltn 7 Isleham 1

ISLEHAM travelled t Miltn with nly 12 players.

They started well with Jseph Kimberley up frnt and Aarn Cawley hlding the defence tgether, but Miltn struck first and the half time scre was 1-0.

In the secnd half Isleham scred tw wn gals and Miltn grabbed anther t make it 4-1 within five minutes f the restart. Fur mre gals made it 7-1 at the finish.

Isleham Man f the Match: Aarn Cawley.


Sham Utd 6 Buckden Jnrs 3

SOHAM kept up their unbeaten hme run with a hard-fught win against Buckden.

Olly Hendersn struck after five minutes and Murray King was als n target, but the visitrs drew level n each ccasin.

Gavin Dunsmre made it 3-2 at the break hwever, and Sham lked sharper in the secnd half with Olly Hendersn cmpleting his hat trick and Michael Wallis adding number six. Murray King and Michael Wallis shared the man-f-the-match award.

Ely Crusaders 2 Priry Parkside C 2

PRIORY pegged Ely back in their wn half t start with, frcing Gerge Bannister in the Ely gal t make sme gd saves befre he inevitably cnceded.

Luke Hayes equalised in the secnd half, and shrtly afterwards he put Ely ahead.

Ely gave away a penalty in the last 30 secnds hwever, allwing Priry t level the scre and share the pints.