Villagers reflect on history-making year despite 'null and void' season

Witchford 96 first-team boss Adam Richards

Adam Richards said declaring the 2020-21 Cambs League season 'null and void' was the right decision, and hopes the new Champions League style cup competition can stand his team in good stead for the summer. - Credit: Witchford 96

Village footballers whose first year in the county’s top flight was ended early believe they can still reflect on one of the club's most successful seasons to date.

Witchford 96 sat fourth in the Kershaw Premier Division of the Cambridgeshire County League, their first season at that level, before the campaign was declared null and void on Monday

Adam Richards’ men were on a five-game unbeaten run before local football was stopped due to Covid-19 restrictions, but despite this, it has been a pleasing year for the club. 

“It’s been a season of celebration and everyone is taking it as a positive, even though the season was stop-start,” Richards said. 

“We were getting somewhere, and if we got through to the next couple of months in the same form, we could have looked at staying in that top four.  

“I think the best decision has been made (null and void) and we’d like to think it’s not gone to waste because the season has given us a lot of confidence and it’s proved that we’re capable of competing at that level.” 

Off the pitch, progress has been at apace in the last 12 months and are looking to make more improvements to their Recreation Ground home, such as a new social club. 

On it, there is also development, something that Richards wants to keep achieving. 

“We’ve got a really good young squad, and I think a lot of our players could be playing at a higher level,” he said. 

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“What makes us a good team is we all want Witchford to succeed and achieve, and that goes a long way. 

“We’re not expecting to keep going on, but I think the Kershaw Premier is a very good level for us and we’re looking to improve.” 

Richards said his players will take part in the Cambs League’s 'Champions League' style cup competition, which is due to kick off on April 10. 

It is thought there will be three separate tournaments ranging from Kershaw Premier to Division 4C, but whoever Witchford play, returning to action is the key. 

“We’re going to play against some really good teams. I think we’ve shown we’ve got nothing to lose, but at the same time, on our day, we can beat anyone,” Richards added. 

“We can hopefully continue our league form into the cup and see how far we can go, but it’s good to be playing again. 

“I think if we can start this cup competition as we mean to go on for the next season, I think it will be really good preparation.”