Victory for Mohans in Handicap Plate final


- Credit: Archant

Table Tennis The Ely and District Table Tennis League Handicap Plate final was won by Ely.

The match was played at the home of Soham Comrades on April 23.

The final started with Jon Chapman (13), of Fulbourn IV, against Christian Mohan (-5), of Ely I.

Chapman’s slow start no doubt led Christian to believe it would soon be over as he cruised through the first leg. However, Chapman knuckled down to his rhythm and Christian’s big hits started to miss. The pattern was set; Chapman won the second and the decider.

At one-all, Hamish Ryder (12) found he was favourite to take the decider against Patrick Mohan (-5). Some tremendous backhand rallies played at a huge pace set Hamish the opportunity but, holding three match points, he saw the chances slip away. Patrick wondered how he had won.

Kieran Mohan (-5), resilient and unflappable, had little to do as Danny Bates (10) missed more than usual with his all-out attack.

Christian’s lack of regular practice showed as he missed many attacking shots against Ryder, who showed great restraint and determination, with the occasional formidable backhand drive quite superb.

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Bates was good in places but too inconsistent to challenge the positive big-hitting of Patrick who, though prone to miss, landed enough to win.

Kieran was irresistible in the rallies except when Chapman employed his super-soft tactics or kept it very short. This was certainly a surprise when Chapman won.

Bates was just off with everything he tried against Christian. Too soon, too hard, off the end, off to the side - maybe he just tried too hard. Christian was very relieved to contribute to the team cause.

Chapman drove Patrick to distraction with his soft touch and a knack for doing the unexpected and completed a highly-prized maximum.

Level at four-all, a position Ryder had relished in the previous two rounds of the plate, and, although pressure did not really come into his game, it did not seem to come into Kieran’s either. The game was played out with a certain inevitability, constant hope but chances missed for Fulbourn to give Kieran the game and Ely the match by 5-4.