Victory for Bishop in Ely Laser Open


Sailing ELY Sailing Club hosted its annual Laser Open on Saturday, with 10 sailors rigging their boats to take part.

The sailors competed in three races on the day and were allowed one discard so the combined score of their two best races counted.

The first race lasted little more than an hour with good competition throughout the fleet. The lead from start to finish was held by Alan Bishop from Girton Sailing Club with the second to forth places changing lap by lap. Jack Knight (Ely Sailing Club) held second until being overhauled in the last few meters by Hannah Wilcox (Ely Sailing Club) taking second place from Martin Sterling (Ely Sailing Club) in third with Jack finishing forth.

The second and third races where sailed after lunch and were sailed back to back to make the most of the wind. The second race was sailed in lighter but shiftier wind than the first.

After the first lap the race was led by Alayne Seymour (Ely Sailing Club) however, approaching the finish she was overtaken by Sterling who took the win followed by Knight and Alan Bishop with Alayne finishing forth.

For the final race of the day the wind had increased in strength but was still shifty. Knight led at the start followed by Sterling and Bishop. The lead changed several times but at the end of the second lap the leaders held the same positions.

The final lap was again closely fought with Jack holding the lead until only meters from the line when Bishop caught a handy lift to move from third to first place. Sterling also got the same lift and sailed past Jack with the unlucky Jack finishing in third.

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Prizes were presented by Kevin Bilham and Christine Levett.


Alan Bishop (Girton Sailing Club)

Martin Sterling (Ely Sailing Club)

Jack Knight (Ely Sailing Club)


Hannah Wilcox (Ely Sailing Club)


Jack Night (Ely Sailing Club)

Chandler Stamford (Ely Sailing Club)

Dalton Orchard (Ely Sailing Club)


Eric Christan (Ely Sailing Club)