This year’s star performers honoured at annual supper

Some of Ely Sailing Club's annual prize winners

Some of Ely Sailing Club's annual prize winners - Credit: Archant

Sailing Ely Sailing Club’s commodore Andy Wilcox welcomed members to the annual Laying Up Supper and prize giving at the The Swan on the River in Littleport on Saturday.

Of the 30 trophies presented, Simon Leeks and Jack Knight received a third of them. Hannah Wilcox presented the prizes to the winners plus a glass and a pen to the runners up. Karen Knight at the end of the presentation gave photographic mementoes to six cadet members who had competed in the Cambs Youth League, namely Chandler and Kirk Stamford, Daniel and Jack Knight, Mollie Lee and Dalton Orchard.

Alayne Seymour presented a bouquet of flowers to Hannah Wilcox and secretary Liz Ungless was thanked for all her work totalising the results and obtaining the trophy prizes.

The annual meeting takes place tonight (Thursday)in the club house at 7.30pm.

Class Trophy Winners:

Enterprise Lincoln Cup and Kempton Bowl: Eric Christan, with Kevin Bilham as runner up for the Lincoln Cup.

Solo Salver and Aggregate Points Cup: Simon Leeks, with Gary Ungless as runner up for the Solo Salver.

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Laser Quality Cup and Cup for Aggregate Points: John Wells, with Martin Sterling as the runner up.

Topper Class Aggregate Points Cup: - Kirk Stamford, with Chandler Stamford as runner up.

Handicap Trophies:

Spring Handicap Tankard: Martin Sterling, with Jack Knight runner up.

Summer Handicap Tankard: John Wells, with Jack Knight runner up.

August Mini Handicap Tankard: Jack Knight, with Gary Ungless runner up.

Autumn Handicap Tankard: Jack Knight, with John Wells runner up.

Thurmott Shield: Jack Knight.

Norman Bretell Cup: Jack Knight, with Chandler Stamford as runner up.

Thursday Evening Shield: Jack Knight, with Simon Loach runner up.

One Day Events:

Easter Egg Trophy: Simon Leeks, runner up Kevin Bilham.

U16 Cadet Bop Trophy: Jack Knight runner up Chandler Stamford.

Camweld Trophy: Martin Sterling runner up Simon Leeks.

Whitsun Cup: Simon Leeks.

Ladies Plate: Suzie Sallis runners up Hannah Wilcox and Jo Board.

Bob Utteridge Husband and Wife race Trophy: Eric and Clare Christan, with runners up Kevin and Christine Levett.

Roswell Monster: Simon Leeks.

Baby Monster for Crewing: Mollie Lee.

George Washington Trophy: Jamie Cammann and Dalton Orchard.

Jamie Butcher Memorial Trophy: Simon Leeks

Trophies awarded by the Committee:

Dr K.S. Maurice Smith Memorial Trophy: Jamie Cammann and Christine Levett.

Senior Ships Wheel: Mark Couper.

Junior Ships Wheel: Chandler Stamford.

Ernie Wootton Trophy: Steve Board.

King Duck: Jo Board

Travellers Trophy: Alayne Seymour and Kevin Bilham.