Success for Ely pupils at belt grading

Some of the Ely pupils who passed thier belt gradings

Some of the Ely pupils who passed thier belt gradings - Credit: Archant

Tae kwon-do More than 30 pupils of a tae kwon-do school in Ely passed their colour belt examinations held in King’s Lynn at the weekend.

The pupils, who attend the Mark Farnham School at the Paradise Centre, in Ely, had their skills put to the test by 7th and 8th dan masters, each with more than 40 years experience teaching the martial art.

Students all start at white belt and work though yellow, green, blue and red belt grades until they are ready to aim for their black belts which they take at Bristol in front of a panel of five, 8th dan examiners.

To get to this stage takes at least three-and-a-half years.

The school’s latest grading saw 34 Ely pupils attend, with some as young as five-years-old. Every pupil was successful in passing and will receive their grades and belts at presentations held in Ely next week.

Results: Sophie Barnes 3rd Kup, Gleb Koshko 3rd Kup, Sebastian Pettit 3rd Kup, Thomas Barreto 4th Kup, Ryan Whitear 4th Kup, Max Wilson 4th Kup, Sam Cavill 5th Kup, Cerys Easey 5th Kup, Thomas Hawksley 5th Kup, Alexander Hendrich 5th Kup, Max Thompson 5th Kup, Robin Gillham 6th Kup, Nola Guy 6th Kup, Madilyn Homes 6th Kup, James Nicholls 6th Kup, Elizabeth Rands 6th Kup, James Homent 7th Kup, Max Mitzman 7th Kup, Oliver Murray 7th Kup, Cleo Olsson 7th Kup, Olivia Wilber 7th Kup, Adia Alexander 8th Kup, Alex Alexander 8th Kup, Felix Baddeley 8th Kup, Daniel Dean 8th Kup, Genevieve Dean 8th Kup, Gramos Hoxha 8th Kup, Harrison Evans 9th Kup, Marley-Jay Graham 9th Kup, Aida Kahn-Bunden 9th Kup, Callum Lee 9th Kup, Rajni Matharu 9th Kup, Leo Rice 9th Kup.