Soham Comrades secure Ely & District League title with time to spare

Clive Woollard in action for Soham Comrades

Clive Woollard in action for Soham Comrades - Credit: Andreas Elia

Andreas Elia, Dave Renton and Clive Woollard secured another significant win (9-1) for Soham Comrades Table Tennis Club, against Ely 2, in the Ely & District Table Tennis League. 

The convincing triumph allowed Soham to secure the Division One title with two matches remaining to play.

Both Woollard and Renton won all three of their singles matches, with Elia winning two of his matches, losing the other to Steve Jugg.

In a closely contested doubles match, Elia and Woollard had a 3-2 win against Jugg and Simon Braschi.

Soham Comrades Clive Woollard

Soham Comrades Clive Woollard - Credit: Andreas Elia

Team captain Elia said: "This was a really enjoyable and closely contested match and various games could have gone either way. 

"Ely 2 could easily have won more matches than the score card indicated. Clive, was in exceptional form and was nominated Player of the Match.

“Our squad of seven players have performed strongly throughout the season, winning all but one match, which we drew. 

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"Peter Diver, Soham Comrades Table Tennis Club Chairman, who sadly passed away in November 2021, would have been very proud to see Soham Comrades win the First Division title, which has been secured with two matches still to play. 

"The team are really keen to continue playing, which is really pleasing, as some of the team players have been playing for 50-plus years, with the whole team having close to 300 years of table-tennis experience!”