Peacck pps up t steer Mepal hme by shrt head

LOWER JUNIOR CUP SEMI-FINALS MEPAL Sprts will face lcal rivals Chatteris Twn Reserves in the final n May 1 after beating Estver Park by the nly gal f the game. Giles Peacck ndded hme Guy Habbin s crss midway thrugh the first half, and that pr


MEPAL Sprts will face lcal rivals Chatteris Twn Reserves in the final n May 1 after beating Estver Park by the nly gal f the game.

Giles Peacck ndded hme Guy Habbin's crss midway thrugh the first half, and that prved sufficient against a disappinting Estver side wh had a player sent ff in the secnd perid.

"It was a terrible game," said Mepal crrespndent Graham Habbin afterwards. "But we gt thrugh and that's what cunts."

Burwell Swifts were hping t jin them n May Day, but they went ut against Chatteris in extra-time.

Swifts appealed fr a ful when the hme side tk the lead frm a crner during the first half f nrmal time, but gt back n terms when Danny Jnes wn pssessin n the edge f the bx and fed Matt Baker t scre.

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Nathan Hull skimmed the bar in the secnd half, but the tie was unreslved after 90 minutes and Chatteris were awarded a cntrversial penalty fr handball which they cnverted t run ut 2-1 winners.


FORDHAM made it fur wins frm five games with a 5-2 victry against Great Paxtn, wh finished the match with nly nine men.

Tm Christie cnverted Andy Shrt's thrugh ball t pen his Frdham accunt after just eight minutes, and Grant Pearsn's industry was rewarded after 25 minutes when Daren Pryke sltted his crss past the galkeeper t make it 2-0.

Christie then dispatched an Adam Cummins thrugh ball fr gal number three, and Shrt placed his sht wide f the advancing galkeeper t make it fur after the visitrs suffered their first dismissal.

Christie cmpleted his hat-trick after the break, and althugh the visitrs had anther player red-carded they ddly had the better f the secnd perid and scred twice.

The title challenge f Ely City Reserves faltered after the team tk just ne pint frm a pssible six against champinship rivals Hundn and Waterbeach.

They lst 2-0 at hme t the leaders in midweek, but earned a 1-1 draw at Waterbeach when Stephen Tuck ndded hme a crner with 15 minutes remaining.

Littleprt Twn meanwhile lst 2-0 at hme t bgey-team Histn A.


SCOTT Fretwell grabbed a late cnslatin gal, but it was therwise a miserable midweek day fr Sham Twn Rangers Reserves as they crashed 3-1 at hme t Mildenhall Twn Reserves and lst Tmmy Crawfrd with a serius leg injury.


SOHAM United made it seven wins frm 10 utings by cmpleting the duble ver lcal rivals Haddenham Rvers.

Jasn Parker's penalty pener was cancelled ut by the hsts after half-time, but Ben Brwn restred Sham's lead and 17-year ld Jsh Cbbld grabbed his first United gal t make it 3-1.

Jim Brwn wrapped up the pints by adding number fur twards the end.

Littleprt Twn Reserves desperately needed a win in their clash with fellw strugglers Grampian, but culd nly manage a 3-3 draw.


ELY City A surrendered tp spt yet again after a 2-2 draw at Buckden, with Jamie Gayfer ne f the scrers.


SUTTON United mved a step clser t the Divisin 2B champinship by defeating secnd-placed Wisbech St Mary Reserves.

After tw successive defeats Suttn desperately needed t restre the cnfidence that had seen them win 13 league games in a rw, and they were never behind against a useful and sprting Wisbech utfit.

Matthew Keys helped himself t a hat-trick, and he was jined n the scresheet by Russell Mansfield and Amandi in a 5-3 win.

Witchfrd '96 wn 4-3 at Isleham United despite hme gals frm Tm Sheldrick, Chris Murphy and Michael Reynlds, and Stretham Htspurs were als successful away, winning 2-1 at Over Sprts Reserves.

Central defender Lee Taylr scrambled in the pener, and Leigh Iball ndded in what prved t be the winner shrtly after Ollie Langfrd's direct crner was deemed nt t have crssed the line.

The Vine lst 2-1 at Miltn Reserves, and Pymr FC fell 3-1 at hme t Newmarket White Lin.


LITTLE Dwnham Swifts returned t winning ways with a 5-2 win at Bluntisham Rangers Reserves.

Gareth Draper led the victry parade with a treble, and ther gals went t Aarn Hdsn and Jhn Bartlett.

The same screline saw Sham United Reserves lse at hme t Bramptn Reserves despite gals frm Greg Shearer and Tm Claytn (penalty), and Ely Crusaders were edged ut 2-1 by title-chasing Lakenheath Reserves.

Frdham Reserves flpped 4-0 at Huntingdn United RGE.