No mercy for club colleagues as Ely I thrash Ely IV


- Credit: Archant

Table Tennis Ely IV entertained their club colleagues Ely I in the Handicap Plate competition and found them in uncompromising mood as they swept the board 6-0.

Karen Byford (16) forced the only deciding leg of the evening when she lost in three to Liam Mohan (0).

Soham Comrades V’s Nicky Rule (17) and Lito Jumilla (15) won two each and Chris Rule (15) one in the quarter final of the Handicap Cup against Fulbourn V’s Andrew Segar (14), Nick Gatherer (15) and Julian Atudosie (16).

Atudosie beat Chris Rule for Fulbourn’s consolation point.

League Division 2 action saw Robin Wallis score a singles maximum for Soham Comrades II and then join Kin Choi Chan to take the doubles when the 2s beat the 3s, 8-2. Adam Speed took Wallis to five legs then beat Kin and Bela Szabo to put the 3s points on the board.

Fulbourn III were led by Tom Lodziak as Phil Hague was sidelined by injury. His three wins against Fulbourn V plus another maximum from Sammy Hague ensured the 3s kept up their title challenge. Lodziak was taken to the fifth by David Lam, who had earlier beaten Dave Roitman to get the 5s on the board. Nick Gatherer also beat Roitman in five legs to make the final score 8-2 to Fulbourn III.

In Division 3, the Soham Comrades trio of Nicky Rule, Lito Jumilla and Chris Rule showed their colleagues from team six no mercy as they inflicted the whitewash in their push for promotion. Only three matches went to four legs as Phil Gannon, Syd Rushton and Edward Garrett-Jones were completely overwhelmed.