Nines and easy, ’Prt

COLTS FOOTBALL Under-7 Littleprt 6 Cttenham 1 LITTLEPORT tk their winning streak t nine, thanks t a gd display against a strng Cttenham team. Man-f-the-match Mitchell Drewitt pened the scring in the first half, and this was fllwed by anth



Littleprt 6 Cttenham 1

LITTLEPORT tk their winning streak t nine, thanks t a gd display against a strng Cttenham team.

Man-f-the-match Mitchell Drewitt pened the scring in the first half, and this was fllwed by anther gd finish frm Ellis Yearn t make it 2-0.

Henry Harrisn scred fllwing sme great wing play frm Yearn and Calvin Lcke was als n target fr the hsts.

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Fine defensive perfrmances frm Cnnr Mre, Gerge Thurlw and galkeeper Gerge Marsh kept Cttenham at bay.


Littleprt Twn 4 Witchfrd Clts 4

LITTLEPORT began well and were rewarded with a 2-0 lead at the end f the first quarter.

Althugh they added a third during a lively secnd quarter, Witchfrd clawed their way back int the game with tw gals frm Jack Sheridan a third frm Max Lker t make it 3-3.

In the third perid Witchfrd grew in cnfidence and Sheridan cmpleted his hat-trick, but there was heartbreak fr Witchfrd in the final minute as Littleprt scred frm a penalty t level the scres.


Burwell Tigers 3 Littleprt Twn Clts 3

'PORT prduced ne f their best displays f the seasn t grab an enthralling draw against the league leaders.

They quickly tk the lead thrugh Clt Harvey, and althugh Burwell equalised immediately Tm Wakefield restred the hme side's advantage.

The visitrs cntinued t dminate hwever, and Harvey gave them a 3-1 interval lead.

In the secnd half, Burwell struck twice t equalise - the secnd cming frm the penalty spt.

Chatteris Twn 2 Haddenham Rvers Clts 2

A PULSATING game between tw f the tp fur saw the pints shared in dramatic style.

Haddenham tk the lead n 12 minutes thrugh Tyrell Barrett and midway thrugh the secnd half Oliver Hlden scred their secnd.

Chatteris pulled a gal back n the break seven minutes frm time, and then struck again in the final minute t share the spils.

Sham Utd 6 Warbys Clts 4

WARBOYS pened the scring, but Paul Wallis equalised fr Sham sn afterwards.

Warbys' pressure was rewarded with anther gal t make it 2-1, but Wallis grabbed his secnd gal after bth sides had enjyed gd spells.

After the break Sham tk the lead fr the first time with a spt-kick frm Ollie Radfrd and then increased their lead again thrugh Wallis.

Warbys put the Sham defence under pressure and were rewarded twice t level the scres, but Wallis grabbed his furth f the game and Bradley Wall added number six at the end. Sham's men f the match were Tristan Cavaness, Steven Prter and Wallis.


Chatteris 2 Isleham 0

ISLEHAM visited Chatteris wh were aggressive frm the ff, and it was n surprise that the hsts gt the pening gal f the game.

Isleham fught back but it was still 1-0 at the break.

The secnd half started with Isleham pushing hard t get an equaliser, but Chatteris came back and scred a decisive secnd.

Isleham Man f Match: Aarn Cawley.

Littleprt Twn 5 Needingwrth 2

'PORT played hst t the unbeaten league leaders n Sunday and clinched a great win.

They went a gal dwn in the first few minutes and had t survive sme tricky mments, but Nic Bishp tucked away the equaliser then gave 'Prt the lead with his secnd.

The secnd half started well fr 'Prt with Bishp sealing his hat-trick, and althugh Needingwrth pulled ne back Bishp tk his persnal tally t five in the clsing stages.


Haverhill 3 Sham Utd 7

SOHAM kept up their title challenge with three gd away pints.

Murray King fired hme after 10 minutes, and althugh the hme side levelled straight away Michael Wallis put United ahead frm the penalty spt and Gavin Dunsmre added a third t put Sham in cmmand.

Haverhill pulled a gal back befre the break, but Olly Hendersn scred twice mre and King struck again befre man-f-the-match Adam Ck ran rings rund his tw markers t fire hme gal number seven.

Bluntisham 4 Ely Crusaders 0

ELY fund the ging tugh against a well rganised hme team.

They started the match brightly, having mst f the play in the first half, but just culdn't break the hme defence t put the ball in the net.

Gerge Bannister saved a penalty in the Ely gal, but Ely still fund themselves ne dwn at half-time.

In the secnd sme mistakes by Ely and gd play frm Bluntisham allwed them t scre three mre and take the pints.


Bar Hill Clts 1 Sham Twn Clts 4

SOHAM came thrugh a tricky away fixture t keep themselves tp f the league.

Ryan Brk gave them the lead and Ellit Drewery scred shrtly afterwards befre Brk grabbed his secnd t make it 3-0 at the break.

After the break Bar Hill came ut much strnger and sn pulled a gal back, and althugh they cntinued t press were unable t add t their scre.

Sham hit back twards the finish and Simn Murfitt scred their furth.

Sham's Man f the Match: Ryan Saban.