Leeks dominates at opening meet

ELY Sailing Club’s season began quietly at the weekend, with the ever-impressive Simon Leeks dominating the opening race.

There was a small turnout at Roswell Waters and a pursuit race and two handicap races were sailed in the light northerly breeze. Leeks in his solo dominated the results and lent his boat to Gary Ungless in the last race, who won on handicap from Eric and Clare Christan in their enterprise.

On Saturday evening there was a launching social event commencing at Strikes Bowling Club in the city followed by a Chinese takeaway in the clubhouse. Six lanes were used and the lane winner on lane six was Jonathan Griffin, lane seven Simon Loach, lane eight Hannah Wilcox, lane 10 Charlie Bingham, lane 11 Steve Board and lane 12 Suzie Sallis. Hannah Wilcox was declared the overall winner with a score of 152.

On Sunday there will be Handicap racing for the Easter Egg Trophy starting at 11.30am.


Pursuit Race: 1. Simon Leeks. 2. Eric and Clare Christan. 3. Jack Knight and Molly Lee.

4. Graham Tory. 5. Charlie Bingham.

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First handicap race: 1. Simon Leeks. 2. Eric and Clare Christan.. 3. Graham Tory. 4. Jack Knight and Molly Lee. 5. Charlie Bingham.

Second handicap race: 1. Gary Ungless. 2. Eric and Clare Christan.3. Graham Tory. 4. Jack Knight and Molly Lee.