Junir Ftball Premier Divisin

JUNIOR FOOTBALL PREMIER DIVISION FORDHAM secretary Jhn Pryke described his side s perfrmance n Saturday as abslutely magnificent, as the tp-flight strugglers vercame the dds against title-chasing Hundn. Adam Curtis vlleyed Frdham int a fifth



FORDHAM secretary Jhn Pryke described his side's perfrmance n Saturday as "abslutely magnificent," as the tp-flight strugglers vercame the dds against title-chasing Hundn.

Adam Curtis vlleyed Frdham int a fifth minute lead, but the hsts came n strng twards the end f the first half t establish a 2-1 lead.

Daren Pryke's 47th minute finish frm Stephen Palmer's far-pst crss tied the scres again, but Hundn regained the lead tw minutes later.

Frdham seemed t get strnger as the match wre n, hwever, and after a gal-muth melee Pryke frced the ball hme t make it 3-3 with 10 minutes remaining.

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Hundn were prtecting an unbeaten hme recrd in the league, but in the 87th minute full-back Palmer launched a 20-yard sht int the tp crner t seal a great 4-3 win.

"It was by far ur best perfrmance f the seasn," beamed the Frdham secretary afterwards. "Everyne was immense and even Hundn admitted we deserved it."

Ely City Reserves did nt have t be at their best t recrd a 4-0 victry at Needingwrth United.

Andrew Lee led the way with a brace, and he was jined n the scresheet by Richie Murfitt and Sean Mnigatti.

Littleprt Twn tk the lead at Newmarket Twn Reserves when Nigel Smith bravely ndded in Dave Beetn's header at the far pst after 10 minutes, but the hsts made it 1-1 sn afterwards and that was hw it finished.


SOHAM Twn Rangers Reserves were frtunate t be n level terms midway thrugh their prmtin battle with West Wratting, but in the end culd easily have taken all three pints.

They fell behind n the hur mark, but equalised thrugh Alex Irvine and als hit the wdwrk n mre than ne ccasin.


HADDENHAM Rvers wn their relegatin battle with Grampian 3-0, but there were hme defeats fr bth Sham United and Littleprt Twn Reserves.

Sham lst 3-1 at hme t Saffrn Crcus, and 'Prt crashed 7-3 against Great Chesterfrd despite gals frm Sctt Dews, Mick Edwards and Richard Lupsn.


JAMIE Gayfer was n target fr Ely City A in the visit t Fenstantn, but his side were therwise pr in a dismal 5-1 defeat.


STRETHAM Htspurs had James McRill sent ff in the secnd half at Newmarket White Lin and trailed 3-2 shrtly afterwards, but fught back in style t take the pints.

Leigh Iball cancelled ut Newmarket's pener befre half-time and Ben Page's 50th minute penalty put Stretham 2-1 up after Gary Careless had been upended in the bx, but McRill's dismissal changed the cmplexin f the match and Newmarket scred twice t regain the lead.

Htspurs bss Paul Wells applauded his side's "never say die" attitude hwever, and Careless made it 3-3 befre substitute Ollie Langfrd ppped up with a late winner.

Suttn United's champinship charge shws n signs f slwing, despite the recent absence f leading marksman Matthew Keys.

This week the leaders thrashed Pymr FC 7-0 away frm hme, thanks t gals frm Russell Mansfield (2), Jamie Peacck (2), Amandi Pint (2) - his first fr the club - and Jhnny Few.

Witchfrd '96 remain secnd after a 4-1 hme win against Miltn Reserves, and Isleham United drew 1-1 with Gdmanchester Rvers Reserves.


GILES Peacck helped himself t a hat-trick - including a penalty - as Mepal Sprts vercame Bluntisham Rangers Reserves 6-3, but his feat was matched by team-mate Luke Wilsn.

After leading 3-0 the hsts were pegged back t 3-2 and 4-3, but Peacck and Wilsn bth cmpleted their triple-hauls t seal the pints.

Ben Stne lead the way with a first-half duble in Ely Crusaders' 6-0 win at Huntingdn United RGE Reserves.

Sam Rlph, James Cllins, Wes Reid and Luke Schunmann were the ther Ely players n target after the break.

Clive Buchern scred fr Frdham Reserves in the hme clash with Haddenham Rvers Reserves, but his side put in their wrst display f the seasn and eventually went dwn 4-1.

Aarn Hdsn scred first and last as Little Dwnham Swifts secured a 2-2 draw at Newmarket Twn A, but it was Sctt Hlmes wh earned the plaudits fr his utstanding perfrmance in midfield.


BURWELL Swifts and Wicken Amateurs bth vercame shaky spells befre recrding handsme victries away frm hme.

Alan Nash pwered in a header frm Danny Jnes's crss and Glenn Carman punced n a lse ball t give Burwell a 2-0 lead at Outwell Swifts Reserves, but the hsts restred parity with the help f a penalty kick.

Jnes slid Burwell back in frnt hwever, and Steve Elmre's left-ft drive made it 4-2 at the break.

Jnes grabbed his secnd gal frm Carl Saxby's thrugh ball, and Saxby's swerving right-ft drive int the tp left-hand crner accunted fr the gal f the game.

Ll Maskell - wh hit the bar in the first half - then swivelled in the bx t secure a 7-2 win fr the visitrs.

Wicken meanwhile led 2-0 at Cttenham United B with gals frm Jsh Wdrffe and Jamie Palmer, but fund themselves 3-2 dwn in just under half-an-hur.

Wdrffe set up Nathan Sheriff t make the interval scre 3-3 hwever, and substitute Neil Masters scred a clse-range furth befre Palmer made the winning margin 5-3 with five minutes remaining.

The Vine Reserves lst 4-2 at West Rw Gunners Reserves despite a first-half brace frm Dave Fisher.


GOALKEEPER David Lwe was in gd frm fr Little Dwnham Swifts Reserves, but was unable t prevent a 3-1 hme defeat by Tydd United.

Nicky Martin was the lne secnd half screr frm the penalty spt after Dwnham trailed 3-0, but Burwell Swifts Reserves didn't event get the chance t scre a gal - intended visitrs Dataracks Elite were unable t raise a side.



ELY Park Rangers Reserves are thrugh t the semi-finals f the M & E Freeman Cup after a 4-3 win at Bttisham Sunday and their first team wn 4-2 at Ashwell in the furth rund f the VB Trphies League Cup, but Wilburtn departed frm that cmpetitin - beaten 6-2 after extra-time at Ctn.


WICKEN Maids Head and Triple-S bth hit the gal trail n Sunday.

Nathan Sheriff (3 - 1 penalty), Jamie Palmer (2), Danny Wight and T Wilsn were n target as Wicken prtected veteran galkeeper Kevin Gldsack during the 7-3 defeat f Alma Reserves in Divisin 4A, and Triple-S easily dispsed f Newmarket Albin in the Senir Divisin.

Andy Shrt (3), Stephen Palmer (2), Lee Mll (2), Adam Clemence and Peter Hinde were all n target in a 9-1 victry.

Fx Burwell lst 3-2 at Miltn Sunday in Divisin 3A, Little Dwnham United lst 2-1 at Bar Hill A in Divisin 4A, and Village Inn's 2A encunter with Exning United Reserves was abandned due t a serius injury.

In the Tucker Gardner Partnership Divisin Tw an wn gal and a Steve Evans penalty saved Ely Pymr Rangers blushes in a 2-2 draw at lwly Rystn & Diamnds.