Young Haddenham boxers hit the spot in a show at Ely College

Hope Price of Haddenham Boxing Club

Hope Price of Haddenham Boxing Club - Credit: Archant

The audience was packed and fighters turned up from across the eastern region and London for the annual Haddenham Boxing Club show at Ely College.

Millie Symons of Haddenham Boxing Club

Millie Symons of Haddenham Boxing Club - Credit: Archant

Six Haddenham club members fought and one took part in a skills bout.

Mike Sawyer, coach, said: “It was a great show. Our boys and one girl represented the club really well, there was wonderful local support and a good atmosphere.

“It’s a big hall to fill but we filled it, a great night and some good skills from everybody.”

Tommy Bateman, 10, took part in his first skills bout with a boy from the Kettering club.

Mike said: “Skills are a great way to show the youngsters coming up and they both did a lovely bout and showed how much they have learnt from training.”

Next up in the ring was Tommy Bowers who won his fight.

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Mike said: “He fought very well and beat his opponent on points.

“He boxed off his back foot and showed real improvement over the last few weeks.”

Millie Symons, 14, lost her fight but Mike said: “She lost on points and to be fair I thought she’d won.

“She did well, she grows all the time. The more fight she gets we can find out all the things that need improving and we can put them right.”

Hope Price won his fight on points.

“It was a lovely fight and the best we’ve seen from him,” said Mike.

“He is maturing into a great little fighter.”

Nathan Smith lost his fight on points but Mike said fitness was still down following an illness.

Malliaklas Khristos lost his fight, which was his first experience in the ring.

Mike said: “He was taken back with the size of the audience and he boxed a boy from Bedford who is very strong.

“He was nervous but did very well for his first experience.”

Austin Harris lost despite putting up a strong fight.

Mike said: “I was proud to see the effort, it showed how good he is.”

“Everybody in the show boxed well and should be proud whether they won or lost.”