Ftball Rund Up

By STEVE GREEN DIVISION 4B BURWELL Swifts failed t scre fr the first time this seasn as they suffered nly their secnd league defeat at Fenstantn Reserves. It was galless at the break, but tw lucky strikes frm the hsts set



BURWELL Swifts failed t scre fr the first time this seasn as they suffered nly their secnd league defeat at Fenstantn Reserves.

It was galless at the break, but tw lucky strikes frm the hsts settled the match 2-0 in their favur.

WICKEN Amateurs were able t mve int secnd spt as a result f Burwell's failure, thanks t a 5-0 win against Bartn Mills Reserves.

Ed Richardsn beat the advancing galkeeper after receiving a pass frm Danny Wight, and the same player made it 2-0 with a clse range finish after Jshua Wdrffe's lng thrw had caused mayhem in the visiting defence.

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Richardsn's 36th minute sht was diverted in by Nathan Sheriff at the far pst fr Wicken's third, and Sheriff then beat the 'keeper frm 18 yards after latching n t Tim Palmer's ball ver the tp.

Sheriff cmpleted his hat-trick in the 59th minute after sme great skill frm Jamie Palmer, but Wicken had a player sent ff shrtly afterwards and were unable t make any further impressin n the Bartn Mills defence.

Dave Abbtt scred the nly gal f the pening half as The Vine Reserves beat Outwell Swifts Reserves in cnvincing fashin.

Justin Challis dubled their advantage after the break, and Dan Cwley added number three befre Challis wrapped up a 4-0 victry fr the hsts.


FORDHAM mved 10 pints clear f the relegatin zne after winning tw away games in quick successin last week.

Their midweek clash with bttm-f-the-table Wisbech Twn Reserves was galless at the interval, but Andrew Shrt ndded hme Daren Pryke's flated free-kick t break the deadlck.

Substitute Adam Cummings added a secnd gal sn afterwards, and Pryke made the final scre 3-0 near the end.

Saturday's match at Needingwrth United was much clser, but Frdham were slid and full f self-belief after recent successes.

The nly gal f the game came when Cummings split the Needingwrth defence with a thrugh ball and full-back Stephen Palmer finished with aplmb.

Pryke had anther effrt disallwed in the clsing stages, but Frdham held n fr their third win in fur matches.

Littleprt Twn manager Dave Cullum felt that his side "we're nt far ff being a gd team again" after Saturday's 2-1 win at Wickhambrk.

The Sufflk team lead against the run f play, and galkeeper Martin Hampshire's fine save prevented 'Prt frm being tw dwn at the break.

Dave Beetn rifled hme the equaliser after the Wickhambrk 'keeper had attempted t punch clear, and full-back Kevin Hills carried n his run t fire in the winner after Will Ludbrke had seen his effrt parried.


SOHAM Twn Rangers Reserves drpped t sixth in the table after a 3-1 defeat at Fulburn Institute. Fulburn led 3-0 at the half-way stage, and althugh Rss Knappett pulled ne back with a far-pst header, Rangers had been left with t much t d.


HADDENHAM Rvers are lking increasingly safe after claiming a furth win in successin at Littleprt Twn Reserves, but their victims appear dmed.

Jamie Dews - with a well-taken free-kick - and Mark Talbt were n target fr the hsts, but gals frm Shane Freeland, Gary Gdjhn and Kenny Hlmes earned Rvers a 3-2 win.

SOHAM United's match at Willingham was abandned after 35 minutes due t a serius injury.

Sham's Brad Waters had t g t hspital after injuring the medial ligaments in his knee, but that wasn't the incident which halted the match.

It was when f the Waterbeach players brke his arm that play was held up fr a cnsiderable time, resulting in the game's abandnment.


ELY City A are back n tp f the table again, leap-frgging Saturday's ppnents Wisbech St Mary after a 2-0 success.

Stuart Seekings pened the scring after just tw minutes, but Ely had t wait a lng time fr their decisive secnd gal, Gareth Arter firing hme frm the penalty spt after a ful n Lawrie Carter.


THE Divisin 2B title race is nw wide-pen after lng-time leaders Suttn United lst t Newmarket White Lin fr the secnd week in a rw.

Newmarket wn 2-1, and that result enabled Wisbech St Mary Reserves t clse the gap n Suttn by thrashing Isleham United 6-0.

WITCHFORD '96 blew their prmtin hpes with a 4-1 hme reverse at the hands f STRETHAM Htspurs failed in their bid t cmplete a quick-fire duble ver Gdmanchester Rvers Reserves, lsing Saturday's re-match 2-0 at hme.


SOHAM United Reserves are ut f the bttm tw at lng last after beating mid-table ppnents Cttenham United A 6-1.

First-team bss Andy Parker had a hand in fur f the Sham gals, with Ally Mhammed helping himself t a hat-trick.

Dan Simmns weighed in with tw, and Aarn Lee was the ther hme player n target in what culd prve t be a vital win.

Frdham Reserves als eased their relegatin wrries, beating a Wisbech St Mary A side wh had a player sent ff.

Mark Hacking missed a penalty fr Frdham, but with 10 minutes remaining Clive Buchern grabbed what prved t be the nly gal f the game.

Mepal Sprts mved int secnd spt by winning 3-1 at Ely Crusaders thanks t gals frm Giles Peacck, Chris Silvain and Craig Williamsn, but three gals prved insufficient fr Little Dwnham Swifts in their hme encunter with Newmarket Twn A.

Jhn Bartlett and Aarn Hdsn put them 2-0 up at the interval and Hdsn struck again t make it 3-2 in the secnd half, but the visitrs grabbed tw late gals including an 88th minute winner t take the pints 4-3.


BURWELL Swifts made it five wins in a rw at the expense f lcal rivals Little Dwnham Swifts Reserves.

Charlie Frden ndded in Marcus Carrd's crss fr the pener, and Tm Thatcher's penalty made it 2-0 befre Rb Glding pulled an excellent gal back fr Dwnham shrtly after the break.

Thatcher went n t cmplete his hat-trick hwever, ndding hme the third befre capitalising n gd wrk by Jhn Irvine and Jacb Adams.

Nicky Martin grabbed a late cnslatin gal fr the visitrs, but Thatcher had nce again prved his wrth at this level.

ELY Park Rangers saw their Senir Divisin title hpes evaprate with an dd-gal-in-nine defeat at hme t Bar Hill.