SPEEDWAY: Fen Tigers double win comes at a cost

Fen Tigers double win comes at a cost. PHOTO: Fen Tigers.

Fen Tigers double win comes at a cost. PHOTO: Fen Tigers. - Credit: Archant

The ‘KJM/Manchetts’ Fen Tigers achieved their objective of six National League points in Sunday’s double header.

But victory came at a heavy cost as a crash in heat 10 of the second meeting versus Isle of Wight has cost them the services of Josh Bailey and Sam Bebee next Saturday evening with Bebee looking likely to be missing for longer.

The afternoon opened with the Kent ‘Kings’ taking a rare 5-1 off the Fen Tigers at home as Luke Bowen and Anders Rowe were fastest away and as hard as Josh Bailey tried he couldn’t haul them in. Although Drew Kemp won heat two at a canter the visitors then claimed a 4-2 to lead by four after three heats.

A brilliant ride and pass by Danny Ayres in heat four seemed to ignite the Fen Tigers fire as they posted four 4-2’s and two 5-1’s in the next six heats to turn a four point deficit into a twelve point lead, the highlight being a trademark chase and pass of Nathan Stoneman by Bailey in heat six.

After a drawn heat ten Ayres and Kemp looked to be combining again for another 5-1 until the hard riding Bowen spilt the team riding pair.

The action hotted up on a scorching afternoon in heat thirteen as an incredibly tight second bend saw the visitors pairing lead and although Bowen was gone out in front the Fen Tigers pair of Ayres and Bailey both passed Stoneman in a feisty heat of speedway.

There was still time for another 5-1 as Ryan Kinsley and Kemp combined and the 15 year old speedster completed another paid maximum the points were in the bag.

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The second meeting was a much more straight forward affair as after the opening two races the Fen Tigers reeled off five straight 5-1’s to lead 32-10 after only seven heats.

The meeting seemed to moving to its inevitable conclusion when Bebee, Bailey and visiting captain Scott Campos all went down in the first bend in heat ten.

There was considerable concern and supporters and the clubs alike were relieved when both Bailey and Campos rose to their feet after been checked over.

The unlucky Sam Bebee was not so fortunate and left the track in an ambulance after some considerable time on the track.

Heat ten was rerun whilst Bebee was being checked over but with medical cover now unavailable when the ambulance left for the hospital the meeting was abandoned with the result standing at 42-18.

The re-run of heat ten featured the ride if the day from young Kemp who came from last to first executing two high class passes on route to another unbeaten performance.

Kevin Jolly was hoping for positive news after the meeting. He said: “Although we took all six points our thoughts are with Sam at the moment, he really deserves a change in fortunes.

“Josh took a nasty knock and will miss next Saturdays meeting with concusion but should be fine after that. The news on Sam is less clear, hopefully for him and us it is the more positive scenario of only a couple of weeks out and we will know more once he has been checked over properly at hospital.

“After a slow start the lads clicked into gear and all the side were riding well before the crash, overall the entertainment this afternoon was high class again with some good racing especially in the Kent meeting and we will regroup now and come back next weekend hungry for more league points.”


‘KJM/Manchetts’ Fen Tigers 52

Drew Kemp 11+1 (4 rides), Josh Bailey 10+1 (5), Ryan Kinsley 9 (4), Danny Ayres 8+1 (5), Danny Halsey 6 (4), Matt Marson 4+1 (4) and Sam Bebee 4 (4)

Kent ‘Kings’ 38

Luke Bowen 13 (5 rides), Jack Thomas 10 (5), Nathan Stoneman 6 (4), Anders Rowe 3+1 (4), Taylor Hampshire 3+1 (4), Alex Spooner 3 (5) and James Laker 0 (3).

‘KJM/Manchetts’ Fen Tigers 42

Drew Kemp 9 (3 rides), Ryan Kinsley 8+1 (3), Danny Halsey 6+1 (3), Matt Marson 6+1 (4), Danny Ayres 5+1 (2), Josh Bailey 5 (2) and Sam Bebee 3+1 (3)

Isle of Wight ‘Warriors’ 18

Ryan Terry Daley 4 (3 rides), William O’Keefe 3+1 (3), Georgie Wood 3 (2), Scott Campos 3 (3), Danno Verge 3 (3), Chris Widman2+1 (3) and Connor King 0 (3)