England come calling for Ely Korfball pair

ELY Vikings have announced that two of their young stars have been selected to play for England.

Robyn Seabright will join the under 16s and Jacob Dawes, 12, will join the academy squad, a boon for the club, which trains and plays at Ely College’s gym.

The club runs four teams in the Cambridgeshire Korfball League and a squad in the South East Regional League.

Martin Brown, club chairman, said: “This is fantastic news for Ely Vikings and for korfball in the area.”

Korfball began in Holland but is now played in nearly 60 countries worldwide. It is a mixed-sex team sport played by hand. The current age range of club members at Ely is five to sixty-five.

Martin added: “Robyn and Jacob have worked very hard to be selected and we’re really proud of them,

“The news really reflects well on the club’s junior and senior coaching programmes as well.

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“Korfball is a game for all ages and boys and girls. We’re proud to be a family club as well as providing that competitive edge which helps those who want to play at the highest levels to go on and play for their country.”