Aspiring sailors 'can expect to pick up silverware before too long'

Phil Hardy

Ely Sailing Club Covid Cup overall winner Phil Hardy. - Credit: ELY SAILING CLUB

At the end of what proved to be a fairly non-existent sailing season with plenty of interruptions, limitations, restrictions and an abundance of official guidance - which was strictly adhered to - members of Ely Sailing Club did manage, occasionally between lockdowns, to take to the water in an ad-hoc fashion to take part in the newly created Covid Cup. Hopefully it’ll be the last time too!

Phil Hardy

Ely Sailing Club Covid Cup overall winner Phil Hardy. - Credit: ELY SAILING CLUB

Competing in a collection of heats held over different weekends, with no more than six dinghies taking part in each heat, the final finishing places were collated into a league table allowing the trophy to be awarded to Phil Hardy, followed by Ian Wakeling and Mike Williams in third place.

It was fantastic to see so many new members taking part in several of the heats and who certainly gave many of the more experienced sailors something to worry about in the future.

If we ever get back to normality they will more than hold their own and can expect to pick up some silverware before too long.

Particular mention must go to Kieran, Garry, Glen, Chris, Brent and Maciej.

Congratulations as well to young Kieran Vanhoutte who picked up the Junior Covid Award by finishing as first placed junior sailor and Glenn Wilkinson who won the George Washington Trophy as the first placed adult novice sailor.

Committee awarded prizes also went to Garry Morris for being the Most Improved Adult Sailor (Adult Ships’ Wheel) and to Kieran Vanhoutte for being the Most Improved Junior Sailor (Junior Ships’ Wheel). Trophies to be handed over ASAP.

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Despite another lockdown, hopefully all will return to normal before the new sailing season commences.

Should anyone who isn’t currently a member wish to learn more about what the club has to offer, or about sailing generally, please contact the club secretary via email: