Ely pupils pass with flying colours and kicks!

Young pupils of the Mark Farnham School, in Ely.

Young pupils of the Mark Farnham School, in Ely. - Credit: Archant

Tae Kwon-do Dozens of students from an Ely tae-kwon do school passed their colour grading examinations this week.

More than 30 pupils from the Ely branch of the Mark Farnham School moved up a grade after passing in front of examiner Paul Donnelley, an eight dan master, in King’s Lynn.

To take part in a grading a student needs to have worked for an allotted time and be up to a good standard for the grade they are taking.

Students all start at white belt and work though yellow, green, blue and red belt grades until they are ready to aim for their black belts, which they take at Bristol in front of a panel of five, 8th dan examiners.

Mark Farnham said: “We achieved a 100 per cent pass rate, all students passed with good grades, the examiner was master Paul Donnelly.

“This makes a total of more than 11,900 students passing colour belt gradings with the schools in the last 27 years.

“A very well done to all of those students taking part in the latest gradings.”

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1st Kup

Bronwyn Webster.

2nd Kup

Thomas Barreto, Sam Cavill, Cerys Easey, Ethan Guest, Thomas Hawksley, Alexander Hendrich, Max Thompson, Tyler Vince.

3rd Kup

Cleo Olsson.

4th Kup

Gramos Hoxha, Hanna Sikora.

5th Kup

Daniel Dean, Genevieve Dean, Harrison Evans, Shazna Khanom, Christopher Kwok, Callum Lee, Rajni Matharu, James Munday, Stephen Munday, Rishi Thiahulan.

6th Kup

Thomas Betts, Joseph Davies, Aoife Dunham, Christian Dunham, Isaac Greaves, Finlay Hendrich, Alex Jaworski, Carl Mendel, George Patten, Tom Seymour, Dollie Woods.

7th Kup

Arwa Abdel Kader, Jack Clayton, Rebecca Davies-Thomas, Ruby Harfield, William Line, Oliver Mollett, Amelia Spencer, Rhys Steyn.

8th Kup

Caitlin Allgood, Keira Allgood, Lawrence Briggs, Finley Dennis, Tashi Marley, Alessandro Rolfe, Rio Tan.

9th Kup

Dylan Borrego, Stephanie Chirgadze, Jivin Corpuz, Patrick Courtney-Tickle, Thomas Driver, Anna Munday, Emily Mynott, Matt Seymour, Rosalind Whyall.