10is Academy team make league for first time

Ely 10is Academy's mixed 1st team off and running at the 2021 LTA Dunlop competition

Ely 10is Academy's mixed 1st team off and running at the 2021 LTA Dunlop competition - Credit: Sebastien Scaux

The Ely-based 10is Academy Mixed 1st team is off and running at the 2021 LTA Dunlop competition, having defeated Gransdens 2nd team after a draw against St Neots on the opening match.

All of the talk heading into this one was on the absence of superstar Toby Huffer.

But, in his absence, it was head coach Sebastien Scaux who took the reins.

Sebastien was a constant threat from the get-go.

After Gransdens surprisingly took a 3/0 lead in the first set against Alisa and Sebastien, the 10is Academy pair came back to take the first set 7/5.

The pair would put their blistering forehands on full display to take the second set 6/4.

Ely 10is Acadmey captain Chris Hemmings in action

Ely 10is Acadmey captain Chris Hemmings in action - Credit: Sebastien Scaux

Minutes later, the second pair made of Michael and Georgia eased to a 6/1 6/4 win against Gransdens second pair.

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It was Michael’s first as a player of 10is Academy. Georgia and Alisa are young up-and-coming star who played very strongly.

The match would finish 8 sets to 0 to the visiting team, as 10is Academy are registering their first victory.

Up next, 10is Academy 2nd team was playing away at Ely Tennis Club for the first Ely derby ever.

10is Academy put on 2 of their future stars as their 1st pair: Ciara (14) and Michael (17).

While captain Chris was paired with another up and coming player; Tru (14). At Ely Tennis Club, the promising 10is Academy young players did not demerit.

They battled hard and kept their heads up all the way to the end.

Despite a heavy loss (8-0 to Ely TC) Chris was full of compliments for the team.

He said: "In the summer sun, we battled hard but, in the end, experience won the match for Ely TC.

"So many deuce games, so many close calls but frustratingly it wasn’t this young side’s day.

"Still their enthusiasm never faltered”.

10is Academy director Sebastien added “This year has been a great success.

"Despite the lockdowns, 10is Academy has fielded over 12 tennis teams ranging from nine-year-old to adults, we have been able to win a few of the leagues and have launched so many new players.

"Hopefully there is a lot more to come soon.”

Ciara, Tru and Michael are the embodiment of that revolution. The role they have played over the last month for 10is Academy suggests they are great quality players not necessarily in the making, but in the here and now.

There is much to admire about this likeable crop of young role models led by Alisa and Georgia.

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