Disappintment fr Littleprt

YOUTH FOOTBALL Under-7 Littleprt 3  Burwell Tigers 3 LITTLEPORT put in their mst disappinting perfrmance f the seasn against a Burwell team playing their first cmpetitive match. Finn Cater scred tw and Henry Harrisn ne, making it 3-2 t Prt wi


Under-7 Littleprt 3 Burwell Tigers 3

LITTLEPORT put in their mst disappinting perfrmance f the seasn against a Burwell team playing their first cmpetitive match. Finn Cater scred tw and Henry Harrisn ne, making it 3-2 t Prt with minutes remaining, nly fr Prt t cncede a late equalizer. Henry Harrisn and Luie Diver were the pick f the Littleprt players.

Under-8 Ely Crusaders 9 Witchfrd Clts 1

WITCHFORD did nt play t their usual standard and Ely scred early n.

Things just gt wrse fr Witchfrd and the ppsitin gals just kept cming, with Ely fur gals up by half time.

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Ely were seven gals up befre Jack Sheridan replied fr Witchfrd.

Under-9 Sham B 1 Mepal Sprts 7

MEPAL Sprts turned in anther slid display against determined Sham.

Gerge Rayner was back t his best frm fr Sprts, scring a fine hat-trick and dictating many f the visitrs' best mves.

James Knx was als in imperius frm fr Mepal, leading the defence in fine style. Kassem Silvain cntinued his run f scring frm with tw, and Daniel Oakland als grabbed a brace.

Ely Crusaders 2 Haddenham Rvers 4

CRUSADERS lst fr the furth time this seasn as an energetic Haddenham cmpleted the duble ver them.

Ely cnceded a gal within three minutes when Rvers man-f-the-match Jshua Lwe scred, and the visitrs mved further ahead thrugh Jake Alsp.

Ely managed t pull ne back thrugh James Barrett but Petty put Rvers 3 -1 up with a clinical strike.

Crusaders reduced the deficit t a single gal as Lewis Hk's strike frm distance fund the net, but Haddenham scred the nly gal f the secnd half thrugh Jsh Lwe t recrd a 4-2 win.

Under-10 Witchfrd Clts B 1 Sham United A 0

WITCHFORD gt their first win f the seasn, after a hard fught match.

Witchfrd battled well and prduced a gd display, and in the first half bth sides had chances t take the lead, but it was all square at the break.

Clts remained strng in the secnd half hwever, and gt a deserved winner thrugh man f the match Gerge Thday.

Witchfrd Clts Under-10B are lking fr new players - if interested please cntact their manager Paul Shrt n 07771 976576

Ely Crusaders 10 Little Dwnham 1

ELY dminated the match, despite sme excellent defending frm Little Dwnham. At half time Ely led by 4-0, with all fur gals cming frm Max Wright. Ely started the secnd half in the same way, with Edward Kratz running n t scre frm the first whistle. Ely's sixth gal came frm a Kyle Thurstn strike which rebunded in ff a Little Dwnham defender. Ely pressed n and the seventh came frm Finley Lgan. Chris Lewis scred the next tw, and Max Wright finished ff the match with anther. Ely: Samuel Quarrier, Sam Lwe, Finley Lgan, Alfie Green, Kyle Thurstn, Rhys Peckham, Alexander Elwd, Max Wright, Chris Lewis, Edward Kratz, Archie Miller, Ben Haynes.

Under-11 Histn Hrnets 2 Sham Twn Clts 9

HISTON tk an early lead, but Sham's Matthew Hewitt equalised sn after.

Kyle Allgd and Cnnr Ctterill kept the Hrnets at bay with sme strng defending and the first crner f the secnd half was headed in by Cnan Isaacsn t make it 2-1 t the visitrs.

Rss Davey's lng sht sn increased the lead, and althugh Histn re-gruped and scred a gd secnd gal anther Sham crner saw Alistair Hutchisn finish at clse range.

He then fund himself in frnt f gal t scre his secnd and Sham's fifth befre Isaacsn made it 6-2.

Jrdan Turpin added his name t the scre sheet, Hutchisn cmpleted his hat trick and Turpin just had time t make it nine as Sham ran ut cnvincing winners.


Littleprt Twn Clts 5 Fulburn Falcns 4

'PORT gained anther vital hme win but they fund themselves a gal dwn fllwing a defensive mistake, and tw mre Fulburn gals befre half time saw 'Prt facing an uphill battle.

Gals frm Clt Harvey (3) and Harlee Cater turned the tide fr the hme side, but Fulburn - frm a rare attack - scred again and lked t have salvaged a draw.

The game ended in cntrversy when Harvey brke thrugh t scre the winner, despite the linesman flagging fr ffside.

Man f the Match: Mrgan Cleridge.

Haddenham Rvers Clts 0 Sawstn 2

HADDENHAM Rvers Clts Under 12s' recent stuttering frm cntinued with a lacklustre display at hme t league leaders Sawstn.

The visitrs rarely threatened during an even first half whilst Rvers created sme excellent pprtunities, the best falling t James Beary whse galbund sht was cleared by a Sawstn defender.

Rvers fell behind within 30 secnds f the restart when a lping lng range sht caught Richard Padmre ff his line, and the league leaders mved further ahead with 15 minutes left thanks t a super clse range finish.

Haddenham pushed hard t get back int the match and Alex Lwe frced the Sawstn 'keeper int a cuple f superb saves with curling lng range shts, but the visitrs held n well t deservedly take the pints.


Isleham 1 Celtic Crusaders 6

CRUSADERS scred three times in the pening seven minutes t effectively end this match as a cntest.

Galkeeper Jack Leigh's best effrts were unable t prevent the visitrs frm adding a furth gal, but Chris Martin finished clly t pull ne back befre half-time.

Aarn Cawley and Jamie Easter impressed at the back in the secnd perid and Jrdan Thebald did likewise alngside man-f-the-match Je Staffrd, but tw late gals cndemned Isleham t a 6-1 defeat.


Little Dwnham Eagles 5 Over Sprts 3

DOWNHAM defended superbly frm the utset with Camern Walker, Gerge Pwell, Je Smith, Alex Newtn and Dan Fld tackling tenaciusly as Over threatened t take cntrl f the game.

An wn gal put the hsts in frnt hwever, and Eagles then extended their lead when Tm Edgley smashed the ball hme frm clse range.

Over snatched a gal back but Jack Tth restred the hme side's tw-gal cushin.

In the secnd half Over pulled anther ne back, but Edgley was n target again and althugh Over made it 4-3, Tth scred his secnd t seal the win.

Fulburn Falcns 2 Ely Crusaders 3

CRUSADERS started well and tk the lead when Haydn Palmer headed in at the far pst frm a crner.

Fulburn equalised befre half time with a well struck lng range sht, but Ely re-tk the lead at the start f the secnd half when Dan Beavis vlleyed hme.

Sam Gdge runded ff a gd game when he scred t make it 3-1, and althugh Fulburn scred again t make it a nervus last cuple f minutes Crusaders held n fr the win.

Sham Twn Clts 3 Miltn Clts 2

SOHAM started slwly and it was virtually the last kick f the half when a Dan Whitwell crss gave Ellit Drewery the chance t scre the pener.

The secnd half was very even but Sham were the first t cnvert a chance when Whitwell scred befre Miltn pulled ne back with a gd header.

Jsh Nunn restred Sham's tw gal advantage, and althugh Miltn came back again twards the finish it ended 3-2.

Sham man f the Match: Dan Mrley.

Under-16 Cmbertn Crusaders 1 Ely Crusaders 1

ELY piled n early pressure but the first half remained galless.

The secnd perid began with Ely taking cntrl and an excellent strike frm Bartlett fund the back f the net t make it 1-0.

Cmbertn cntinued t push hwever, and with bth teams evenly matched the visitrs grabbed an equaliser tw minutes frm time.