Belgian tennis expert helps Ely 10is Academy director Sebastien sharpen his coaching skills

Ely 10is Academy director Sebastien Schaux with Kenneth Bastiaens.

Ely 10is Academy director Sebastien Schaux with Kenneth Bastiaens. - Credit: Archant

Ely 10is Academy director Sebastien Scaux broadened his knowledge on sport coaching by meeting tennis expert and coaching director, Kenneth Basiaens.

Scaux met Bastiaens at the National Tennis Centre, where the pair discussed coaching methods and Bastiaens’ innovative ‘Multi SkillZ’ programme.

Multi SkillZ is a method that drives children to develop their motor skills for life and any sport. It delivers intense movement training full of joy and interaction and helps kids and adults improve their movement by establishing unique sports sessions regardless of age, skills and talents.

“Kenneth has created a fantastic coaching system,” said Sebastien. “Meeting with him to see how 10is Academy can further implement his system in our program was one of our goals.

“Multi SkillZ has helped us to have stronger foundations for our high performance and participation programs.”

Ely 10is Academy is set to roll out Multi SkillZ at summer camps in the coming weeks at King’s School and Ely College.

Sebastien said: “Multi SkillZ is an invaluable addition to what we offer at 10is Academy. The feedback from the children was great.

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“We also had numerous parents commenting on how fantastic the drills are and how much fun their children are having.”

For more information on Ely 10is Academy, email, visit or phone Sebastien on 07980 551015.