48 students of Mark Farnham School of Tae Kwon-Do pass their colour belt gradings

Students with their grading certificates.

Students with their grading certificates. - Credit: Archant

More than 40 students of the Mark Farnham School of Tae Kwon-Do in Ely have passed the latest colour belt grading exams.

Amy Borden, Katie Borden and Gabrielle Soars are three students who achieved their yellow stripe gra

Amy Borden, Katie Borden and Gabrielle Soars are three students who achieved their yellow stripe grade. - Credit: Archant

Children as young as four took part in the grading, in King’s Lynn, before examiner Master Brian Towndrow, an 8th Dan.

A total of 137 students from the school’s 14 groups were graded, all of whom passed. Forty-eight of the students are from the Ely school.

Mark Farnham said: “This makes a total of well over 12,000 students passing colour belt gradings with the schools in the last 27 years.”

Students start at white belt and work though yellow, green, blue and red belt grades until they are ready for their black belts, which they take at Bristol in front of a panel of four 8th Dan examiners and a 9th Dan grandmaster.

To reach the black belt exam takes about four years.


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Black Stripe: Cerys Easey, Thomas Hawksley, Alexander Hendrich, Isobelle Milton-Forsyth, Max Thompson, Tyler Vince.

Red Belt: Cleo Olsson.

Red Stripe: Gramos Hoxha, Max Mitzman, Hanna Sikora.

Blue Belt: Joseph Davies, Aoife Dunham, Christian Dunham, Isaac Greaves, Alex Jaworski, George Patten, Tom Seymour, Rishi Thiahulan, Dollie Woods.

Blue Stripe: Arwa Abdel Kader, Thomas Betts, Rebecca Davies-Thomas, Ruby Harfield, Finlay Hendrich, Amelia Spencer, Rhys Steyn.

Green Belt: Caitlin Allgood, Keira Allgood, Finley Dennis, Alessandro Rolfe, Rio Tan.

Green Stripe: Lawrence Briggs, Thomas Driver, Tashi Marley, Anna Munday, Emily Mynott, Matt Seymour.

Yellow Belt: James Baker, Oliver Howlett, Ollie Partridge, Toby Rolfe, Lucie Teli, Laura Tyler.

Yellow Stripe: Zuzia Allen, Amy Borden, Katie Borden, Michal Kolodziejek, Gabrielle Soars.

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