This week, the Ely Standard Club of the Week is SHOT Football in Ely.

What is SHOT?

SHOT is a registered not-for-profit group. Our coaches are DBS checked, insured and FA certified. It was founded by Liam, Jamie and Rich.

We started SHOT Kicks, football for girls and boys from Reception to Year 8 in Ely in April, following a successful launch earlier in the year in Fordham.

Since launching with just a handful of girls, we are nearing 100 kids who play every week, split evenly between girls and boys.

Our ethos is fun, no pressure football for all. We find that we get a real mix of abilities, those who just want to make friends, those who have tried to get into a 'club' and then couldn't, and then those who already play regularly and just want more and more football.

What is the age range for members of the club?

We have: 

- Little SHOTs for Reception to Year 4, which is a more introductory level

- Making SHOTs for Year 4 to Year 8 (although at some venues we will cover from Reception), which is about improving skills and fun matches

- Taking SHOTS is coming soon, which is focused on technical ability development and competitive matches

How long has the club been running?

We only started this year and are growing fast, with 100 kids and counting and more venues to come.

Where are you based and where do you meet? 

Ely sessions run at Kings Ely on Mondays from 6pm - 7pm, with separate pitches for girls and boys.

Fordham sessions run at Fordham Rec on Fridays from 5pm - 6pm for girls and 6pm - 7pm for boys.

Is there a membership cost for the club?

We operate seasonal terms for 10 weeks. Spring is wrapping up and Summer will start in early July and run until the end of September.

All players receive a free two-week trial to see if they like us, and prices then work out as the equivalent to £6 per session, £2 for siblings and £2 for those who require financial assistance.

When joining, all of the kids get a free awesome SHOT kit.

SHOT are based in Ely and Fordham.SHOT are based in Ely and Fordham. (Image: SHOT)

Do you have a website? Who can people contact about enquiries?

Can new members join at any time of the year?

We have spaces at our Ely venue. When we reach full capacity, we'll quickly look to open up more sessions. 

There are now over 100 members at SHOT.There are now over 100 members at SHOT. (Image: SHOT)