Eleven competitors from Ely Swimming Club have celebrated a weekend of success after walking away with medals at the Newmarket Masters event.

Ranging in age from 17 to 62, each team member demonstrated a shared love for the sport, showcasing the enduring appeal and inclusivity of swimming as a lifelong activity.

A team of 14 younger swimmers also attended a development meet hosted by the City of Peterborough Swimming Club.

With each stroke these budding athletes demonstrated a hunger for success and a determination to excel.

Their performances served as a reminder of the importance of nurturing talent at a grassroots level and providing opportunities for growth and development within the sport.

Those who competed in the Masters event include Jeanne Steele, Louise Barker, Matthew Chadwick, Phil Trelford, Simon Clasby, Martyn Fresher, Mark Banwell, Bella Pillow, Ella Dunham, Hannah Kershaw, Sian Barnes.

Among the eight-year-olds to be awarded medals were Poppy Woods (1 Silver, 2 Bronze) and Amber Allott (4 Gold).

Members of the team to secure personal best times were Zach Woods, Henry Langley, Florence Law, Isabella Beardmore, Gracie Wickens & Mia Mansfield.

Results for the Development Meet:

  • James Clarke (6 1st places),

  • Dexter Davey (6 3rd places),

  • Will Clarke (3 1st, 1 2nd & 2 3rd places),

  • K Hatch (1 3rd place),

  • Alice Robinson (1 2nd & 2 3rd places),

  • Norah Daniels (2 1st & 2 3rd places),