It was an action packed day of Judo for Ely Dojo members at The National Schools Judo Championship 2024 - held at The English Institute of Sport in Sheffield.

Ahead of the National British Schools event 8, Ely Dojo members attended the regional schools championships where they all made the podium to qualify for the national final.

Kyle Tower and Alex Partridge enter the adaptive judo group and Elijah Parsons and William Bond enter the year 6 and 7 boys -34kg group. Thankfully they were all kept apart in their contests so there was no Ely v Ely contest.

Yonas Aldous, Simeon Nedev and Daisy Simpson were all in the year 12-13 age group. Yonas in the boys -81kg, Simeon in the boys +90kg and Daisy in the girls -70kg. Rafaella Wills entered in the year 6 and 7 girls - 40kg group.

“All our members tried their very best and there were lots of close contests going full time, golden score finishes, and Ippon wins," said Ely Dojo head coach Stuart Aldous.

"They all displayed excellent sporting attitudes and respect for their opponents and the event officials.

"As always, we focus on performance and development and the coaching team were super proud of each member's achievements - individual targets were smashed and goals achieved across all the groups !

"Stepping on to the contest tatami at a big national event like this to represent their schools and our dojo is the best achievement for each of our members regardless of where they ended in their groups. Awesome achievement from all involved.”

British National Schools Judo Championship March 2024 Results

Kyle Tower for Ely College - 2nd Silver

Ely Standard: Kyle Tower (far left) Silver for Ely College Kyle Tower (far left) Silver for Ely College (Image: Ely Dojo)

Alex Partridge for Gretton School - 3rd Bronze

Ely Standard: Alex Partridge Bronze for Gretton SchoolAlex Partridge Bronze for Gretton School (Image: Ely Dojo)

Simeon Nedev for Long Road Sixth Form - 3rd Bronze

Daisy Simpson for Long Road Sixth Form - 5th place

Yonas Aldous for Hills Road Sixth Form - 7th place

Ely Standard: Yonas Aldous - Silver for Hills Road Sixth FormYonas Aldous - Silver for Hills Road Sixth Form (Image: Ely Dojo)

Raffealla Wills for Kings School Ely - participation certificate

Ely Standard: Rafi Wills - Gold for Ely KingsRafi Wills - Gold for Ely Kings (Image: Ely Dojo)

William Bond - for Vista Academy - participation certificate

Elijah Parsons - for Vista Academy - participation certificate