City of Ely Swimming Club might be small but it fought hard over two weekends at the Cambridgeshire County Championships.

Ely took 20 swimmers, who met the qualifying times, to Cambridge and despite fierce competition from other clubs, Ely showcased strength and determination, securing a commendable third place overall.

Adding to the excitement of the event Peony Jackson clinched the title of Top Girl for the 10/11 year old age group, followed closely by her team mate Lyra Schultz in second position.

Ely Standard: Top Girl Peony Jackson at the County Championships.Top Girl Peony Jackson at the County Championships. (Image: Ely Swimming Club)

Among the standout performers for the boys, 13 year old Jacob Schultz came in second and 14 year old Josh Black third for their age categories.

Ely Standard: Jacob Schultz, Joshua Black, Peony Jackson and Lyra Schultz.Jacob Schultz, Joshua Black, Peony Jackson and Lyra Schultz. (Image: Ely Swimming Club)

Ely made a significant impact over the two weekends earning 19 golds, nine silvers and 15 bronze medals.

They also achieved 18 first, 12 second and 17 third place finishes during the heats and swimmers made it through to 55 finals fighting hard for medals and pulling off almost 100 personal best records and achieving 40 regional qualifying times.

At the end of the competition the spotlight shone brightly on the exhilarating swimming relay events, where Ely coaches had selected teams in each age category and extend their thanks to Shea O’Brien for stepping in very last minute to support his friends.

The teams showcased their speed, teamwork and determination with another overall end result of third position.

Full results for County Championships:

Peony Jackson (12 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze), Lyra Schultz (2 Gold, 2 Silver, 4 Bronze), Jacob Schultz (2 Gold, 1 Silver, 7 Bronze), Josh Black (2 Gold, 3 Silver), Megan Clarke (1 Gold), Zoe Thompson (1 Bronze), Cillian O’Brien (1 Bronze), Annabelle Smith (1 Bronze), Alexander Pashley (1 Bronze), Daniel Kendall (1 Silver). The rest of the team competing and securing personal best times were: James Clarke, Finn Tayler, Tia Hill, Sarah Hardiment, William Clarke, Olivia D’Souza, Lauren Turnock, Robert Banwell, Maisie Llang and Wilfred Sole. Sadly Gabriel Kim had qualified but had to pull out due to injury.

Ely swimmers competing in relays:

Dexter Davey, Wilfred Sole, Elia Fiorio, Zachary Woods, Isabelle Clasby, Norah Daniels, Peony Jackson, Lyra Schultz, Finn Taylor, Toby Taylor, Alexander Pashley, Jacob Schultz, Imogen Ryan, Florence Langner-Yeates, Eryn Pashley, Flora Wilson, Josh Black, Jake Dunham, Shea O’Brien, Cillian O’Brien, Maisie Llang, Zoe Thompson, Lola Carey, Isabelle Stevens, Daniel Kendall, Nathan Okoro, Robert Banwell, Barry Schultz, Felicity Gates, Xanthe Rowe, Madeleine Pillow, Isobel Whittaker, Simon Clasby, Phillip Trelford, Martyn Fresher, Mark Banwell, Lauren Turnock, Lily Alston, Olivia D’Souza, Annabelle Smith, Keira Mavin, Tia Hill, Sarah Hardiment, Isabella Pillow, Erin-Mae Carey, Harriet Petherick, Hannah Kershaw and Louise Barker.