YOUR SAY: Principal ‘failed to do her job’

I believe that this has been a long time coming.

I fell pregnant at the beginning of Year 11 and I was still very determined to continue my education. As you can imagine, other pupils were cruel towards my pregnancy which stopped me going to lessons.

I had informed my head of year about this but nothing was done. I constantly tried to get through to different teachers about this problem but still, nothing was done. I think they should have made more of an effort to stop this as I still wanted to continue my education.

Due to this, I missed out on a lot of crucial learning which I feel the school, and particularly Mrs Jenkinson-Dix, is responsible for. It is her duty to provide the best learning for all students, and she failed to do this.

As well as this, I was also told that I would not be able to sit my GCSEs and if I did, I would fail them. As my due date was so close to exam time, they also refused to allow me to sit my GCSEs at home after birth, despite me saying that I would sit them in hospital if I had to.

Overall, I feel Mrs Jenkinson-Dix failed to do her job properly during this time. With teenage pregnancy on the rise, I think she should accommodate pregnant students’ needs better. I hope that no one else has to go through the same I did there.

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