‘You tell us the problems, we’ll sort them’ East Cambs police policy leaves parents facing £30 fines for poor parking

School parking

School parking - Credit: Archant

Ten motorists are out of pocket following a day of action by PCSOs from East Cambridgeshire Police around schools in Ely and Soham.

The PCSOs patrolling the vicinity of St Mary’s and St John’s in Ely, and also Weatheralls School in Soham on Tuesday handed out fixed fines as part of a campaign to encourage safer parking and driving near schools.

In all seven £30 penalty notices were issues and three traffic offence reports (TORs) were written.

A ‘TOR’ can result in a three point penalty and a £100 fine. The recipient will have to wait for the outcome to arrive through the post to learn their fate.

PCSO Maria Robinson said: “The parents, teachers and children were all really positive and supported what we were there to do. It’s clear that this is important to people - and it is about keeping the children safe - so we’re going to keep it up. We don’t actually want to issue penalty notices - we just want to improve the situation on the roads.”

A Facebook post from East Cambridgeshire Police prompted dozens of suggestions from parents after it stated the force is to visit schools around the area over the next fortnight.

Sgt Ryan Carter posted an update following his original post which gave advice on parking around Witchford College to minimise accidents.

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He stated the area’s PCSOs will be at four schools each day to tackle the issue of poor parking.

Sgt Carter said: “What we’re talking about here is road safety near our schools and therefore the safety of our children.”

The post opened the floodgates to dozens of suggestions from parents on where the officers should visit over the coming days.