You mean with NINE warning signs you still managed to hit the bridge? Plaintive cry of an exasperated policeman in Ely tonight

October 23, 2016 and the bridge at Ely station gets another bashing

October 23, 2016 and the bridge at Ely station gets another bashing - Credit: Archant

Whether it’s been faulty sat navs, misjudgement or driver error but exasperated traffic cops finally blew off steam tonight after another vehicle hit the bridge at Ely rail station.

Posting a photo to Twitter of the offending vehicle, the roads policing team added the comment that the bridge had been struck “even with nine warning signs and flashing warning signs”.

As the road under the bridge was temporarily closed for recovery, bemused traffic cops added that the van driver had been “reported”.

In recent years the bridge has won the accolade of being “the most bashed bridge in Britain” but with the construction of the £30m bypass it may become less of a problem in years to come.

Network Rail has in the past been polite to drivers, suspecting and agreeing with the notion that it is sat navs that have been mainly to blame.

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Others though with less charitable thoughts have felt drivers’ patience waiting for the nearby level crossing to open have risked going under the bridge with drivers not realising the height restrictions.

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