‘You just have to do what you can to try and help people’ says Tesco Ely delivery driver David who raised alarm after elderly customer’s fall

Tesco Ely delivery driver David Barber.

Tesco Ely delivery driver David Barber. - Credit: Archant

Tesco praised delivery driver David Barber after he raised the alarm when one of his elderly customers ended up wedged in a doorway at his home after taking a fall the night before.

Spencer Whitcombe, Tesco Ely store manager, said: “Colleagues at our Ely store work hard to serve customers a little better every day and David is no exception.

“He’s a real credit to our business and I’m delighted he was able to help our customer.

Mr Barber was on his usual round when he became concerned that John Drummond hadn’t answered his door.

“He always has a delivery on a Wednesday and, usually, he’ll be sitting on his high chair. But I banged on the door and there was no reply.

“I thought that it was a bit strange, so I banged again and still couldn’t here anything. “I opened the letterbox and shouted through, but all I heard was a faint voice in the distance saying ‘I’ve had a fall’.

Mr Drummond, who is in his 90s and lives in Aldreth, had taken a fall the previous night and ended up wedged in the doorway.

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“Alarm bells started ringing and I asked him for any numbers for family or friends I could call for help,” added Mr Drummond.

“I called the police and they were quite quick to turn up. They had to break the door down and force entry.”

“The ambulance service then arrived, between two-and-a-half to three hours later, but the police were getting a bit upset.

“They phoned a GP from Haddenham to come and check Mr Drummond was alright. “Then a neighbour came across with some phone numbers of relatives.

“I stayed there for as long as I could; I got there at 2.20pm and didn’t leave until after 5pm. I called my manager and he came out and helped me to make sure Mr Drummond was okay.

“He didn’t look to good so I just did anything I could to help.

“You just have to do what you have to do to try and help people.

“We all know Mr Drummond and we always make extra time to hear one of his stories, because he doesn’t necessarily get to see as many people as some of our younger costumers.

David’s wife, Maria Barber, added: “It’s thanks to David knowing his customers that raised concerns that something must have happened.

“Well done David – you’re more than just a delivery driver to many people.”

Mr Whitcombe said: “We send our best wishes to Mr Drummond and hope he makes a full and speedy recovery.”