Year 9 graffiti artist creates a sign for his classroom

MANY graffiti artists work outdoors and never want to get found out - but a student at Soham Village College has been commissioned to create a graffiti sign for a class room.

Year nine pupil Jamie Cammann has come up with a stunning design for the design and technology room, and has stayed behind at school four or five times to complete the colourful masterpiece.

The design - which says Design and Tech - has been mounted on board and painted with acrylics, and is now on the wall above the room’s white board, as part of a room revamp.

Resistant materials teacher Adam Roberts said: “I commissioned Jamie to create a sign for my classroom. The work looks awesome and that’s all down to Jamie. He really has a great skill.

“We wanted to give the room a face lift, and Jamie has been interested in graffiti for some time. He designed and painted the graffiti art to create colour and vibrancy.

“It is really amazing. All the students think it is awesome. It shows them that graffiti is not always a bad thing, and it can good when in the right place.”