Wyldecrest Parks opens new site, Bush Pastures Park, in Fordham, Cambridgeshire

Alfie Best, who owns Wyldecrest Parks

Alfie Best, who owns Wyldecrest Parks - Credit: Archant

Wyldecrest Parks, one of the largest park home operators in the UK, has opened its first site – Bush Pastures Park - in Fordham, Cambridgeshire.

The small and friendly park, especially designed for retired and semi-retired people, features 46 residential and holiday mobile home parks. It is worth around £200 million and is owned by multimillionaire Romany Gypsy entrepreneur Alfie Best.

Having brought his first mobile home park – Lakeview Residential Park, Essex - in 2001, Mr Best continued investing in caravans.

By the end of the year, the company aims to own 53 parks in the country.

Mr Best said: “I’m really looking forward to the year ahead.

“We’ll carry on growing the residential side as usual and we’re also planning to strongly invest and grow the leisure sector of our business even more.

“We want to be a fully European business within three years and an international company in five years’ time”, he said.

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“The company also plans to grow to three times its current size within the next 15 years.”